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Criminal Government in B.C. Growing ... and Growing Resistance To It


Excerpt from his full story in Vive le Canada

... In the chaos of criminality which is the present state of B.C. an opposition is appearing and growing - generated very largely from people outside the structures I have described above and possessing a growing militancy. The existence of that growing opposition might be signalled by one person, a subscription analyst of B.C. affairs - John Twigg, who has been reporting from the Victoria legislature for some years. Twigg sells his analyses to people who want the thoughts of a constant, intelligent observer of public affairs in B.C. He would probably call himself non-partisan and objective. I believe he tries to be those things. I see him as a naturally small "c" conservative.

In his "B.C Politics Trendwatch" for this month Twigg does a beginning of the year summary of Gordon Campbell's government. Twigg (a decent human being) is deeply, morally offended by what he sees and records. He records and records and records, admitting he is only scratching the surface of default, wrong-doing, sleight-of-hand, misrule, breach of trust. The things I call "government crime".

Twigg's language is not complimentary. He uses sharp expressions. The opinion poll-Paradise presented to B.C. people may be "a deliberately manufactured deceit". The premier is "the increasingly arrogant [Gordon] Campbell", operating a "crazy stewardship" over health care, presiding over "management scandals and policy blunders". The dirty sale of B.C Rail, for Twigg, involved "games played by millionaires and billionaires using partisan hacks to obtain valuable public assets". Basi, Basi, and Virk - the cabinet aides charged largely out of the B.C. Rail events, whose trial has been delayed - perhaps criminally - until April 2 (now, more than three and a quarter years after being charged) are, writes Twigg, "really only small fry caught up in much bigger games".

And, after all, will the trial of the three men ever take place? Will their "handlers" ever face charges? Or is this merely an April Fool's joke by the Gordon Campbell circle presented by the Honourable Madame Justice Elizabeth Bennett? She was, remember, judge in the trial of Glen Clark, the set of events I call "the fraudulent RCMP investigation and trial of Glen Clark, B.C. premier". I continue to call for a full scale, Royal Commission-level investigation and inquiry into the whole set of events which destroyed Glen Clark's political role in the Province and set up Gordon Campbell to operate the corporate despotism we now enjoy ...

Full story at Vive le Canada

Thank you, Robin. I have used only that part which touches on the BC Rail trial of Basi, Virk, Basi, but I can recommend every paragraph in your long report on the state of the province as John Twigg sees it from the Press Gallery of the B.C. Legislature.


Thats a very good post Mary. John Twigg is a very good reporter who is above reproach! I could do without the garbage from Rattan Mall, this guy seems to be playing without a full deck! I couldn't agree more with Robin's call for a Royal Commission on the rcmp's dirty tricks campaign against Glen Clark.
Anonymouse: thanks for the positive ratings. 2 out of 3 ain't so bad, eh.

I gotta say that I found Twigg's stuff pedantic, boring, and that he tries to cover everything while illuminating almost nothing. But God bless him for the decency of investing his life in the pursuit of information which he thinks is being withheld from the public or misunderstood by the public.

And God bless Robin for his ever-youthful, clear attacks upon humbugs of all varieties, which he also pursues unselfishly on behalf of the public interest. Who else has stood up for the premier who ran "the cleanest government ever" in B.C.? Man, doesn't that tell us something about this inherently poisoned province?

About Rattan Mall ... I, as editor of this inconsequential little blog, feel that he has something to say about this Indo-Canadian community which seems to play a prominent supporting role in the BCRail affair.

Even if some of us have Indo-Canadian friends (who we'd never, never introduce as "My Indo-Canadian friend" would we?), very few of us (if any) have any sense whatever of what it's like to be part of the growing Indo-Canadian community.

The trial of former Constable Ravinder Dosanjh told us something about that: the special place he, as Indo-Canadian, played as mentor and guardian to his Indo-family members' honour, loyalty and security. And how he weighed his clearly conflicting duties as a Victoria policeman vs their expectations of him as Indo-Canadian protector.

If you go to Rattan Mall's newspaper, you'll get a better sense of him and his community -- a community which, I'm sorry to say, seems so sharply separated from the mainstream by their own choice.

I also remember, while reading Rattan's Voiceonline, that there was another fearless Indo-editor, Tara Singh Sayer, who was gunned down once and paralyzed and kept on publishing and would have testified at the Air India trial ... but he was shot again and killed.

That, to my mind, places any fearless Indo-Canadian editor above criticism ... as long as he is trying to speak on behalf of the public interest. And I think Rattan Mall is trying to do just that -- in this instance, about events forming part of the BCRail affair.

All the same, I appreciate your comments so kindly given and I can assure you, warmly received. - BC Mary.

P.S. Wouldn't it be great if Robin succeeds in getting that Royal Commission on the Glen Clark affair. And after that, to get the final report OPENED UP on what the commission found in the Nanaimo Commonwealth affair.
With al due respect to the previous poster in my view the idea of a Royal Commission on Glen Clark is about as likely as me doing the next shuttle run to the space station. My God, the RCMP set up a fellow to be shifted to Syria to be tortured. There was an enquiry and he is proven innocent. The cops who sent him there are still on the loose and our "friends" to the south refuse to take him off the no fly list. Sure Glen got screwed but has moved along.
Jan. 27 Anonymouse:

I can't disagree with anything you say. BUT ... I still say ... "Wouldn't it be great if Robin succeeds in getting that Royal Commission on the Glen Clark affair. And after that, to get the final report OPENED UP on what the commission found in the Nanaimo Commonwealth affair."

Ya can't give away your rights to justice and the truth, not like that, Mouse, without even wanting or hoping for something better.

C'mon, be a Man. Oh. Well, you know what I mean.
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