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Mark Marissen, Bill Cunningham come to Indo-Canadians with begging bowl

Rattan Mall, Editor of The Indo-Canadian Voice, is another passionate analyst of the political environment. For the full story -- and for other stories -- please go to Here is an excerpt from the current edition kindly sent to us by Rattan:


Federal Liberal bosses in B.C. - Mark Marissen and Bill Cunnigham - are back playing games with the Indo-Canadian community, just as The VOICE has warned the community in its December 30 issue in an article entitled: "Decent Indo-Canadians should beware of Mark Marissen's manipulations."

The same old Paul Martin gang has taken over the reins of power in this province and they don't seem to have learned anything as some Indo-
Canadians found out to their dismay a couple of weeks ago at a December 7 meeting at Vancouver's Fraserview Hall.

The top federal Liberal leadership candidates - Stephane Dion, who won the leadership contest, Gerard Kennedy and Bob Rae - have racked up huge debts that run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Whom do they turn to now? Indo-Canadians!

That is why Marissen and his gang summoned some Indo-Canadians to suggest that they get about 1,000 supporters to hold a $100-a-plate fundraiser. That would net them a cool $100,000.

Though some Indo-Canadians, including, I am told, an M.P. from Surrey, were quite ready to lick the boots of these white masters, some showed some backbone and resisted these dictators. They wanted to know why the Indo-Canadians had to be exploited in this way. Some suggested that the Chinese-Canadians and others also be included in a bigger fundraiser where tickets could be $10 per plate.

Also, Ujjal Dosanjh, M.P. for Vancouver South, who was parachuted into his riding after the Marissen gang sabotaged Herb Dhaliwal's campaign by using Shinder Purewal, was not present at the meeting. Some found that a bit odd. Indo-Canadians are mighty pissed off that while these white politicians used them in the leadership race, no Indo-Canadian was appointed as co-chair of the party's B.C. election readiness committee. **** snip *****

So decent Indo-Canadians have to be wary of this man once again - and if anyone experiences bullying or sabotage from him, please do not hesitate to contact The VOICE. Of course, there are other Indo-Canadians who will allow themselves to be used by him - just like Shinder Purewal, who Marissen and the notorious so-called Basi boys used to sabotage Dhaliwal in his Vancouver South riding in 2002, and Gulzar Cheema did in 2004 federal election, only to make utter fools of themselves.

Purewal was ordered to step aside so that NDP deserter Ujjal Dosanjh could be parachuted into the riding and Cheema was badly humiliated by Conservative candidate Nina Grewal, a rookie in politics. Interestingly, even Marissen's wife, former deputy premier of B.C., Christy Clark, showed the same opportunism last year when she suddenly decided to try for the NPA nomination for Vancouver's mayor's election but lost to Sam Sullivan. All of her hubby's contacts and manipulative ways couldn't help her.

Then I referred to my article of January 3, 2004, in The VOICE entitled, "Raid at the B.C. Legislature: How Basi boys and Paul Martin's white B.C. boys disgraced Indo-Canadian community," in which I wrote: However, the equally big story that has emerged from this case is about the DISGRACE that the kind of BULLYING AND UNPRINCIPLED politics of the Basi boys has brought upon the Indo-Canadian community.

The most shocking episode was the way in which the highly respected Herb Dhaliwal was stabbed in the back by Shinder Purewal, who was put on the scene by the Basi boys, as the mainstream media itself has been reporting all week. The VOICE readers know how I had been exposing this filthy politics that was being openly encouraged by Prime Minister Paul Martin.

Martin's WHITE guys used us BROWN guys for their own selfish ambition - only to bring disgrace upon all of us. And we have only ourselves to blame. Martin's NAKED POWER GRAB to kick out Jean Chretien meant NO PRINCIPLES.

I also wrote the following: Marissen's UNDEMOCRATIC and DICTORIAL behaviour was also clearly reflected in the way Cheema was parachuted into the Fleetwood-Port Kells riding while bullying Surjit Kooner, a former Surrey school trustee, to quit and sabotaging Jaswinder Toor's nomination. In that incident, Marissen actually got back to me with his own version (The VOICE of March 27, 2004) in which he claimed that there had been a misunderstanding with Kooner and that Toor was late in filing his nomination. So I carried both Toor and Marissen's version in this paper - and you could clearly see how Toor's nomination was blatantly sabotaged. If you want to read all the details, you can go to the Archives section (December 30) at

I thank Rattan Mall for including us, though I gotta say that his view of B.C. politics is an absolute eye-popper, which makes me feel quite tame and colourless. - BC Mary

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