Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Constitutional challenges expected

In a "24-Hours" story which I've been unable to copy, there is another facet of the B.C. Legislature trial. Look for it under the headline:

B.C. legislature trial set for April. Constitutional challenges expected.
By Dirk Meissner

Michael Bolton, lawyer for Dave Basi, says he will make constitutional arguments to challenge the legislature raid search warrant and court authorizations permitting certain wiretaps.

He said the defence team is "going to be filing our detailed charter applications ... in the next few weeks."

There is no clear indication in any of these news stories that the trial date has been established. It seems curious, therefore, that there's a swarm of news articles at this juncture when there is no movement forward. Nevertheless, it is a welcome source of information.
- BC Mary

DL points out that the trial date was set. Yes, it was set at the previous pre-trial conference. Here's what threw me off:

"The trial of three former B.C. Liberal insiders was set for April 2 after a brief hearing Monday in Vancouver." It sounded like an error, as in "was set earlier" but is in some doubt now. I hope I'm wrong.

Let's hope it's still on for April 2.
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