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A renegade police officer uncovers all: The Raid

BC Mary was irritated, last week, by (a) Blogger problems and (b) a few readers who insisted on playing judge and wanted me to declare which "side" I am on. Repeat: no "side". Like everybody else, I just want to know what really happened to B.C. Rail and maybe a few other essential public things as well. No gun-slinging here.

But if you're really tired of waiting for mere facts (and who isn't?), there's a book about how everything might have happened. Yeah! A novel! By a retired Victoria guy named Ken Merkley, who just makes it all up, eh.

The book, The Raid, is available from a self-publishing company, Trafford Publishing, Victoria.

According to Victoria Times Colonist (25 Feb. 06). The Raid book has everything but the facts. It starts with the police raid on the B.C. Legislature, of course. But then it turns into a police-political thriller involving a federal political party using drug money to pay membership fees for new members.

There's money-laundering, election-rigging, sex ... (SEX??) ... and of course, murder. (Whaddaya mean, "of course" murder? And cripes, who gets murdered??)

Anyway, according to the book, it takes a renegade RCMP officer to uncover everything (pardon the pun), doing most of his sleuthing in Greater Victoria. So, says Times Colonist, "if the justice system doesn't get to the bottom of what was going on" 28 December 2003 when the police raided the B.C. Legislature, "The Raid is the next best thing."

A brand new tinfoil hat is the prize for the best book review received here at The Legislature Raids.


Fact: tomorrow, 26 February 2007, is another one of those pre-trial conferences in B.C. Supreme Court, Vancouver, where Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett will preside, with all the lawyers, to try once again to decide when they'll be ready to launch this important trial of Udhe Singh (Dave) Basi, Bob Singh Virk, and Aneal Basi.

HA! The renegade cop, who is tall, strong and sexy, gets to have all the sex, with the pretty lawyer lady with the incredible legs, of course. The BODY, we can only hope, but no it isn''s just a reporter...who is too close to the truth. And I don't want to give away the spoiler here but it is a happy one:)

ok...I haven't read it but I could probably write it. No need for the tin foil cap. I have one already. It's lovely, with duct tape edges:)

Don't let the turkeys get you down Mary. But I do look forward to the reviews. Myself, I won't bother spending the money on it. I like my fiction real:)

KootCoot was just telling me we've already had the sex part, in Gary Mason's Christmas story. Arghh.

Can't wait to see what Ken Merkley thinks might've happened, though, so I've ordered the book ... cripes ... $45. by the time Trafford Publishing runs out to the back shop, prints up a copy, and mails it to me Priority Post!

But hey, we've waited so long for some news, maybe this is it. So I'll tell you how it goes.

The first 6 pages are shown on the Trafford web-site. Two spelling errors (Juan de Fuca Straight, investment councillors) and the writing a bit wooden ... but when renegade Sgt Tim Murphy gets going, hooeee! who knows what he'll uncover?! (Wait! is that a clue? Was there a cover-up?)
And/or was there a leak?

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