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It's a joke, right? The B.C. Rail case is all a joke. See how to blame the NDP ...

Gleeful New Democrats get in on the party their political targets enjoyed
Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun
March 03, 2007

It must have been a heck of a party, as one of the New Democratic Party MLAs noted.

June 23, 2005, and Larry Blain, chief of Partnerships B.C., was hosting a dinner at an Italian restaurant in Vancouver.

"The invited guests included board members and senior staff and other honchos from the public-private partnerships world," NDP MLA Bruce Ralston advised the legislature this week.

Partnerships is the lead agency for developing those controversial P3s. Blain is a prominent B.C. Liberal appointee. Ready targets for the Opposition, and in this case they made it easy.

For the New Democrats had obtained the taxpayer-funded bill of fare for the evening (from freelance journalist Russ Francis, who wrote about it in the Georgia Straight) and they made the most of the liquor consumption.

"Those in Mr. Blain's party drank their way through 13 bottles of wine," said Ralston, proceeding with all the enthusiasm of a headwaiter proud of his wine list.

[ This is a joke, right? The whole BCRail affair, the trial, it's all a joke. To see how it's all the NDP's fault, read more at: ]

Well Mary, this is one spin I would really like to read. Unfortunately I am one of the people who steadfastly refuses to subscribe to The Vancouver Sun or The Province. So I only read the free drivel that they post online.
Maybe if someone posted the whole story on this blog some of us may get to read the whole thing. Other than that I guess I'll have to search and see if it is posted completely in other media (not controlled by Scam West)
Aw, Gary -- this IS part of "the free drivel that they post online.

Try it. You'll hate it, but Palmer won't mind.
Some american President( I believe it was Johnson) said he would rather have people in the tent peeing out than outside the tent peeing in. Why do we so often doing the outside the tent bit?

Palmer may not be loved by all of us but it's the right thing to do, read what the others are saying.
My gosh I used to read BC report down at the local library and watch the staff move farther away from me. I always joked that I washed my handa afterwords.
Palmer burns the Liberals on a pretty regular basis, just as he did the NDP when they were governemnt. Screw uo and you end up in a column. David Shreck and the woman from Taxpayer Federation were on Voice of BC this week. Everyone burned the governemnt over their "home" budget. and of course David had the numbers even better than Sarah. Good free information event Two NDP MLA's next week. dl
dl, either you misunderstand me, or I wasn't clear. It isn't his politics, it's Palmer spending half this column doing clown stories (which I agree happen to put the NDP in a bad light) ... then slips the real point into the 2nd half ... each half actually unrelated to the other except as a distraction.

It's getting tiresome to have to put up with this kind of journalism when the BC Rail case is finally coming to a crisis point. Nothing to do with naivete.
sorry Mary,

We can't get there from here. Unless we want to pay up to read the Sun online.

I think we only get a day or two of it being "free" drivel before it turns into "pay for it" drivel". A word of mouth thing to drive up sales? Maybe determined by clicks...50 clicks and it's automatically a "pay for it"?

I'd love to read the 2nd part you mention.
Georgine, Gary, everybody:

Sometimes (OK, most of the time) there's a subscribers' lock on newspaper stories, whether CanWest or others. I broke down and purchased a subscription about 2 months ago, to track what's being said, or not said, about the B.C. Rail case.

So I begin to realize now that when I'm logged in, the subscribers' lock doesn't always show up on my screen.

But even if it did, I still think that my best option is to continue as I've been doing: to provide you with the headline, the gist of the story, and the URL.

That way, you know a story is in print. Then you can read it at your local library, buy a single copy, ask Aunt Mabel or a neighbour, find it in the recycle bin, whatever. It's better, I think, to give you what I can, rather than nothing at all. OK?

To print the full story without seeking permission and paying a fee is copyright infringement.
I think it is outrageous that the Canned West excuses for newspapers hide behind a pay wall, even with their current news articles. I can read todays LA Times, New York Times, Washington Post and my favorite of this bunch San Francisco Chronicle. Other than a bit of games over a few of the columnists at the New York Times, all of this is free while the stories are current. The archives are a different matter.

But really Canned West and, the CBC and respected American papers put you to shame. If your crap was worth reading I might consider paying for it. I got the hard copy today (the Saturday Vancouver Stunned) but I did carry it home in a brown paper bag. I mean I do have to consider what the neighbors think!

Put WHO to shame?

Why is everybody yelling?
"Put WHO to shame?

Canned West and (parts of the same monster) to shame because their excuse for journalism is so poor yet they expect people to be offended by it.
My brain must have been on holiday yesterday, the previous comment should end:
"yet they expect people to pay for it."

Though I admit offended and Canned West/GlowBall certainly can share the same sentence with great ease.

Just heard on the GlowBall news - yet another CN derailment in BC, near Blue River, 17 cars of grain apparently. I don't seem to remember derailments being a daily occurance back in the old days.
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