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Justice delayed means damage is done, says TC

Victoria Times Colonist
1 March 2007
The damage done by justice delayed

...Th[is] case is a reminder of the damage done by delays in the justice system.

More than three years have passed since the legislature searches seeking information on drugs and influence-peddling. It has been more than two years since former political aides Dave Basi and Bob Virk were charged.

Only now do the parties appear to be close to trial, with proceedings scheduled to start in April. {snip}

A range of allegations and questions hang over politicians, lobbyists and party workers. None are proven; many are simply speculation. The long delay adds to the damage done. {snip}

In most cases, each side blames the other for delays. Defence lawyers complain the Crown is slow to fulfil its obligation to disclose evidence. Prosecutors accuse defence lawyers of delaying tactics.

The real problems are structural. While progress has been made in reforming the legal process in civil matters, criminal cases are still handled much as they were 50 years ago. {snip}

But this case is a reminder that the current delay-plagued system is doing its own damage, to the accused and a great many others.

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Is our great ship of state (for which big media is the engine) beginning to alter course toward a port called Dismissal? I hope not. The public interest must be considered first and foremost. And there are many things the public needs to know. The words "Mistrial" or "Stay of Proceedings" or de Cosmos forbid "Dismissal" just aren't words which B.C.'s voting, taxpaying, responsible citizens want to hear after waiting 3 years for the facts of this case.
- BC Mary.


I figure most of are ready for it to start. I was surprised to see the three listed in the court list for today.
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