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This, in part, was once B.C. Rail

Flawed safety inspections among criticisms of CN

Railway has already complied with many recommendations from federal audits, company official says
Jeff Lee, Vancouver Sun
Published: Saturday, March 03, 2007

Transport Canada has cited a number of serious safety concerns at Canadian National, including a large number of defects among rolling stock and flawed safety inspections on its railways as a result of two audits it conducted in 2005 and 2006 in the wake of high-profile derailments in B.C. and Alberta.

On Friday the department released two audits that it used last year to back up an extraordinary ministerial order by Transport Minister Lawrence Cannon forcing the railway to improve its operations.

The reports, which Cannon had refused last year to make public, were released as a result of an Access to Information request by the CBC. To read more, go to:

This is what the former B.C. Rail trainmen were saying. Thanks to CBC whose Freedom of Information request brought these facts out into the open.
- BC Mary.

Borrowed from comments on The Tyee 5 March 07:

2 hours ago

It is now understood that Campbell, on the advice of the Road Builders Association and their ilk, sold BC Rail because of their fear of a successful Vancouver to Whistler Passenger service. A 6 or 8 times a day passenger service would then negate the need for a massive highways construction program, as now is happening along the Sea to Sky Highway.

Not only a BC Rail Passenger service, but AMTRAK was seriously investigating a Portland to Whistler train as well.

With the sell off of BC Rail and the anti-passenger stance of CN Rail, no passenger service and a massive highways building program.

We had the passenger train to do it too, the Talgo 'tilt' train which is able to take sharp corners faster and in comfort.

For about $250 million in investment for new infrastructure, we could have had a 'Green' rail alternative.

What is the cost to the taxpayer of Sea to Sky? $1 billion? Is it 'Green'? (No!)Will it be safer? (?)

Me thinks Mr. Campbell is not 'Green' but the old pollution spewing 'red' devil as always.
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