Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Trouble at Harmony Airways

News of Harmony's business plight comes less than four months after former B.C. finance minister Gary Collins quit the airline after two years as president and CEO.

Collins said at the time his departure did not signal trouble at Harmony and that he just wanted to explore new business opportunities. Collins becomes the new senior vice-president of Belkin Industries on April 1.

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Nast thought. Garry Colins left politics for the job of a lifetime which lasted two years. So from being a senior Minister, to a president of a airline to a vice president of a non airline, sort of makes we wonder some more why he quite the Ledg. job. Sort of indicates his great desire to be a airline boss faded quite quickly
Y'know, dl, what I couldn't figure is how a former Minister of Finance could fail to know the general economic situation in 2004 for B.C.-based airlines and then fail to recognize the smallness of Harmony Airways trying to compete with the big airlines and then fail to nail down a business plan for little 4-plane Harmony which might possibly have succeeded.

How smart was that?

Questions, questions. Very few answers.
Easy Mary, he bailed from government to a company thta spent a lot of money supporting the Liberals. It was payback time. Besides the nasty Rail thing with Basi, Basi and Verk was somewhere on the horizon.wonder how long Garry will last at his latest job? dl
Come on folks ~ does anyone really think that Gary got his appointments in government, Harmony or Belkins based on his credentials or corporate experience????

Please . . . the man was not a chartered accountant he was a small plane instructor placed POLITICALLY in the highly influential Cabinet posting of FINANCE where many 'deals' are made & monies shuffled around.

The name of the game is linkages, keeping the circle tight & IOUs.

One last question: Does anyone really think that the timing of Gary's departure had nothing to do with the Raid on the Leg?

Let's just hope 'the Judge' keeps her integrity - so few on the 'Bench' do, when it comes to politcal reputations on the line.
Question 71. Do lobbyists Erik Bornman and Brian Kieran have any access to senior government staff?

Question 72. Why hasn't the NDP filed a complaint with the Lobbyist Registrar over the conduct of Kieran and Bornmann? I mean they bloddy well admit to bribery!
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