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B.C. Freedom of Information and Privacy Act is clear: Public Interest Paramount!

One of TLR readers, Gary, has posted this information. He first asks ...

Does this help?

British Columbia Freedom of Information and Privacy Act

Division 4 - Public Interest Paramount.

Information must be disclosed if in the public interest.
25(1)whether or not a request for access is made, the head of a public body must, without delay, disclose to the public, to an affected group of people, or to an applicant, information,
(a) about a risk of significant harm to the environment, or to the health or safety of the public, or any group of people, or
(b) the disclosure of which is, for any other reason,clearly in the public interest.
(2) Subsection (1) applies despite any other provision of this act.
(3) Before disclosing information under subsection (1) the head of a public body must, if practicable notify,
(a)any third party to whom the information relates, and
(b) the commissioner
(4)If it is not practicable to comply with subsection (3) the head of the public body must mail a notice of disclosure in the prescribed form
(a)to the last known address of the third party
(b)to the commissioner

Madam Justice Bennett said in her court that the public interest is paramount.

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Gary asks: "Does this help?" Wow, yes - it helps. The law couldn't be more clear. Thank you, thank you to Gary and to all those care deeply about the B.C. Rail issue. And Gary, it was like you knew 3 April is my birthday. Thanks again! Next wouldn't it be great to know what notifications the Privacy Commissioner has received about the B.C. Rail trial? - BC Mary.]

Does ths mean that BC Mary has cracked the 21 year age barrier? Happy Birhday Mary.

Too bad the Basi Basi Verk no show dance, doesn't upset you too much, even though it is a bit of a bummer. dl
You're welcome Mary and Happy Birthday. I am still working on the Constitution but I think you might have nailed it earlier when you posted what you thought it might be. And yes, I and others would definately like to know what notifications the privacy commissione has received. I would also like to know the contents of the letter that Robin hadn't received from the court registry, which was mailed last week. Funny that when you are expecting information it takes forever but when they send you a bill you get it yesterday.
Happy B'day Mary (a bit belated)!

So great to get some good news. Kudos to Gary.

How does one find out what the Privacy Commish has received?

And the next hearing is the 10th not the 12th?

thanks, Geo
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