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Meeting to dicuss B.C. Rail Trial, CNC Campus, Prince George, May 16, 7:00 PM


Meeting to discuss BC Rail trial – May 16th – CNC Campus, Prince George

The Active Voice Coalition is hosting a public meeting on May 16th in Prince George to discuss the latest revelations about the sale of BC Rail and current criminal trial of BC Government aides David Basi and Bob Virk for breach of trust.

The meeting will feature, as speakers, Prince George businessman Ron East, media commentator and editor Ben Meisner, and Vancouver journalist Bill Tieleman.

Just recently, lawyers for the Government aides have made some explosive allegations about the controversial sale, that could be very damaging to the provincial government, as well as federal and provincial Liberal parties. One of these allegations is that the BC Government fixed the sale of BC Rail in favour of CN Rail even before final bids were considered. Another claim is that, in their alleged criminal activity, the government aides were simply acting “under the direction of their superiors” in the BC Government.

Ron East, a broadcaster and businessman in the Central Interior for many years, has been a long time critic of the BC Government’s broken promise not to privatize BC Rail. “The issue keeps coming up again and again like a bad penny,” he says. “The people of this province deserve answers to a bunch of extremely troubling questions about this scandal.”

“Despite all the hype about the so-called benefits of this sale,’ Ben Meisner comments, “the fact remains that the BC Government broke its promise to the people of the Interior not to sell BC Rail.” Meisner, a well-known media personality based in Prince George, adds that “with these latest revelations coming out of the trial, the issue once again has come back to haunt them.”

Vancouver political commentator Bill Tieleman has been reporting on the Basi / Virk trial proceedings in the BC Supreme Court and the investigation since the police raid on the BC Legislature in December 2003. “The allegations are shocking and they are numerous,” he says. “The BC Rail situation demands a public inquiry. The issue cannot and must not be left in a legal and political fog.”

The meeting will be moderated by Peter Ewart of the Active Voice Coalition. The Coalition has been actively involved in organizing public discussions about the BC Rail sell-off since it was announced in 2002.

Time: 7pm, Wednesday, May 16th
Place: Room 1-306, College of New Caledonia, Prince George Campus
For further information please call:
Peter Ewart at (250) 962-6792 or email:
Let's hope that further meetings will be held throughout the province to discuss the significance of the evidence unfolding at the B.C. Rail Trial. This is one trial where the public would be well served to have cameras in the courtroom. - BC Mary.

I love how Ben Meisner is voicing this fake populist outrage, all the while using his website to kiss the asses of the three Liberal MLAs, none of whom have ever, to my knowledge, said one word in protest about the sale of BC Rail.

I know you want to keep this site non-partisan, Mary, and goodonya for that. But a guy who is forever running the unchallenged press releases and photo ops of the three local Liberal MLAs and has never challenged them on their support of this sale is somewhat hypocritical if he pretends he is a man of the people and against the sale.
Interesting, anon.

Now ... got any idea where Paul Nettleton is these days?
The Hon. W.A.C. Bennett's intent was to build BC Rail as an asset for all British Columbians benefit; to open up the North. He did not ever intend for it to be sold for the best interests of Gordon Campbell & his private 'Circle' of vested interests. British Columbians were betrayed big time & deserve to have their stolen railway returned.

". . .the three Liberal MLAs, none of whom have ever, to my knowledge, said one word in protest about the sale of BC Rail."

Anon, this sad little trio of elected MLAs have forgotten how they arrived in their 'seats'; how their 'seats' can be taken away from them at the publics will.
They have not only lost their voices they have lost their ethical backbones, blind to their primary responsibility to ensure the public's trust rather than weighing their own vested interests. Any doubt? Please read on.

Just prior to the last election, some of their highly respected constituents met with & entrusted each one of these '3 blind mice' a package of government documents evidencing a shocking cover-up of senior level, government misconduct; suplemented by a verbal description by their constituents, in the meeting. What pray tell did the leader of the pack, Deputy Premier Shirley Bond blurt out as an order? - "Don't open those packages".

And the result of their 'efforts' after the election was: (drum roll, please) Ms. Bond retained her Deputy Premier power position beside her 'Boss'; Mr. Bell became the new Minister of Lands, the very Ministry involved in the cover-up of land corruption.

The evidence was 'deep sixed'- the constituents ignored. Whose interests were served here? Certainly not the public's. And these people are examples of how the public's trust is being served?

Is it a coincidence that RCMP Insp. DeBruyckere, brother in law of Kelly Reichart (B.C. Liberal Exective Dir.) was also involved with this file re: a criminal investigation.

Different details - same old circle pulling the strings of these cover-ups. The public deserves the truth on all of these issues because ultimately, they are all linked. We all deserve better.

It is 'people power' demanding the truth be aired - railing (no pun intended) against abuse of process & public office - OUR government offices - that will cure the cancer.
Mary, the last I heard, Nettleton had returned to practicing law and had moved north to Whitehorse.

I met Paul several times. A very nice, earnest guy. He ran because he thought the NDP was out of touch, especially in his riding. (I'd argue that makes him a bit slow, given the fact that he ran under the leadership of ol' flannel-shirt Gordo.) He raised the alarm about plans to privatize Hydro, which was courageous, and good on him for that.

If your other anonymouse would be able to come up with the package s/he refers to, I would personally love to see it.
Re: "the package" - Perhaps soon, anon . . . I am told that the package is 'hot'.

Re: Government shananigans: the cover-up is as bad as the crime and is always done to protect vested interests.

From what I was told, if the question was posed publicly to the '3 blind mice' simply about "the package" they would scamper into their holes like a crowd of cats were on their tails LOL!

Too bad the 3 blind mice didn't 'get it' - eat the cheese offered to them on the platter & act in the public's trust. But then again, with Dobell fixing the agenda . . .

What goes around comes around . . .
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