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Sometimes, Lucinda, no news is news


April 21 2007 - 3:10 AM

VANCOUVER/CKNW(AM980) - Premier Gordon Campbell is refusing to comment on allegations coming out of court hearings concerning the raid on the BC Legislature.

When asked about documents showing former Finance Minister Gary Collins was being investigated by the RCMP, Campbell said he is not going to offer any opinion, "I am not following it very closely...the prosecutors are doing their job, I'm sure the defence is doing their job...and I won't have anything at all to say about it until it is complete. That has been my position from the outset."

Campbell also refused to comment about a potential conflict of interest because the lead RCMP investigator is the brother-in-law of another government aide.
[Missed this one ... but Mr Basi and Mr Virk must've loved hearing this comment wafting over the British Columbia airwaves ...]

April 18 2007

VICTORIA/CKNW(AM980) - Premier Gordon Campbell says he's glad the court proceedings are finally getting underway, but he's trying to downplay any political implications, "I think it's obviously an issue revolving around Mr. Basi and Mr. Virk and I'm not gonna make any comments on it other than it's before the courts. You know we always have wanted to move this forward and have it resolved once and for all, I've said that from the outset and it's nice that it's finally getting started."


Premier Campbell: I have no comment on the investigation, its before the courts, we should let the process unfold, I am not following the investigation, we should let the process unfold.

Meanwhile after this interview panicked phone calls are made to Team Leader Debruyckere - whats going on, I thought you took care of the situation, why are they questioning me, what is happening here, I can't be seen to be nervous and uncomfortable, come on Kevin you told me you had everything taken care of.

After this call the Premier's lawyer comes into his office.

Lets call the lawyer Bob Bean.
Bob Bean: Mr. Premier there is a cancer growing on your government, it gets bigger and bigger every day. As it grows it gets closer and closer to your office sir. I feel it is incumbent upon me to tell you that you must take immediate action to stop this cancer from growing.
Premier Campbell: I don't really know Kevin Debruyckere, I only talk to this Kelly Reichart occasionaly, maybe once a year. I think he is a staffer somewhere.

After this conversation the Premier turns his tape recorder off and states the following to this lawyer Bob Bean: Listen if we try really hard this whole thing will go away. Don't worry Bob, if I could take care of the stuff in Hawaii I can take care of this.
The people of the province of bc need to know that their premier is not a crook!!
This was a third rate burglarly perpetrated by amateurs.
John: If this whole scene wasn't so sad for the people of British Columbia, it would read like the script from Faulty Towers. But it is REALITY. Your comment hits the nail on the head in every way.

This Premier is sounding & looking more like the last days of the Zalm, as he was swimming in a cesspool. But alas: Campbell's main man/political 'fixer' in the Premier's Office is Martyn Brown, the Zalm's buddy. Doesn't this speak volumes????

The same old gang, all linked for years, has been operating behind the scenes for many years under different party labels - same old, same old. They are up to their hips in Vanoc, & every major govt. project in British Columbia - for their own best interests. One just has to do the research & the facts speak for themselves. The cancer must be removed by the people knowing the truth.

That truth includes the incestuous conflict of interest that has been operating between the RCMP Commercial Crime Division & the BC Liberal Party. There are other files that are being affected by this cozy relationship.

Thankfully, this stinky Raid on the Leg 'event' has triggered the truth in the public arena - the best antidote to corruption. Stay tuned folks . . .
This story is an interesting development in media terms....

Suncorp ran with it via Mr. T. and Mr. Holman.

So Corus feels it is now safe to follow, especially given the fact that even Mr. Palmer referenced it, if only obliquely.

Question is, will the rest of the pack, especially the elephants in the room at CanWest now follow suit?

Regardless, the cone of silence appears to be showing small cracks.

Which is a good thing I reckon.

For the public's best interests, I reckon you are right, gazetteer.

There is nothing like when the truth is put on the table & thanks to people like BC Mary, Bill Tielman et al via the internet, Canwest cannot muzzle their good journalist much longer. I do not blame the journalists except that they should all speak about about the ethics of journalism. I suspect that there have been other stories killed by their Editors that have left them feeling neutered at times.
The sad thing is that after 3+ years, the public no longer cares about Vasi or Virk and Collins is now so far removed from politics that he is elss than a memory. On that basis, the Liberals have already won. The recent NDP polling results are not going to improve with pundits focusing on who called what radio show 4 years ago.
No, the sad thing is, Anon 12:59, that you could believe what you just wrote ... and that you'd send it to a web-site like this. Shame on you.

This epitomizes the old saying that for evil to succeed, all that's needed is for good people to do nothing. Or worse: to suggest that everybody else do nothing.

Frankly I'm not interested in who "wins" and who "loses" the next B.C. election. What this blog is focused on is: what happened to B.C. Rail? How do public assets just drift off like icebergs in the night? How clean and/or dirty is our system of government?

And big as it is, B.C. Rail isn't all we may lose. B.C. Ferries is in trouble, B.C. Hydro is emasculated, clean water is becoming a commodity to be bought and sold ... the issues of trustworthy government are HUGE, Anon, and the citizens are the last defence. We can't just give up!

Your focus is unrealistic. You seem to be at the mercy of every poll, pundit and call-in show. And you know that those can be biased.

I re-read your letter, and I am pretty sure you can do better. Yes, dammitall, you CAN.
Frankly, BC Mary, anon 12:59 sounds like he's been awarded one of those Media contracts referred to in the Raid evidenc, monitoring news sites, don't you think? But it looks like he is being paid too much LOL!!

Firstly polls are only a snapshot & are only as valid as the questions asked & the sample chosen - most thinking people are highly suspect of these 'tools'.

Most political polls are now used to try to manipulate public opinion & used to deflect from more important events: such as cover-ups & lies dished out by the RCMP in bed with the BC Libs. Gee I wonder what a valid poll would say today after the recent facts have hit the public domain?

Secondly, anon 12:59 am, dream on: Collins is no memory - he's front & centre in the Raid corruption scandal, my friend - if you think this is a winning factor for the Libs . . . . . think again. I don't think they will hire you for strategy!

Reality suggests that former Min. Collins & former Min. Clark both bailed from govt. for the very reasons reflected in the gowing evidence now being revealed; the kitchen heat has been rising for some time.

The key players in this scandal including the Premier, have no where to hide (although he's very timid about showing up in Caucus & in the Leg these days LOL) unless the case is dismissed/thrown out - hopefully, NOT, for the public's sake of disclosure of the truth.

Campbell & Co. tried using the brother in law of Kelly Reichart the BC Lib Executive Dir., for the RCMP team leader, now Insp. DeBruyckere, to make the damning evidence go away, but THAT scheme sure back fired! Now they are all in the soup. Karma is effective.

To educate you legally, anon 12:59 am: Just because a member of government/bureaucrat has leaped from govt. has NO bearing on the responsibility they hold for conduct while in government. Misconduct, criminal or otherwise is on the record. Leaping from govt. positions does not fix it or make it go away.

Your astute perspective BC Mary, is in tune with thousand of other decent British Columbians who have had enough, including me. We are weary of a blatantly corrupt government system which has over the years, mutated into a private club run for a circle of buddies versus working in the best interests of the public. The public cannot trust the system anymore.

Mary, the dude (hereafter referred to as anon12:59am) obviously needed a new something torn. I hope he/her/it thanks you for tearing him/her/it one.

But unfortunately what he said just goes to show how well the strategy of the Campbell Crime Family actually works. They count on their ability to manipulate the opinion of a public with the attention span of a gnat, unless it is a missing blond woman and as anon12:59am demonstrates, it works.

The scary part is that anon12:59am is one of a minority with at least enough interest to visit your blog (even if his interest may be professional, as in being a "media manipulator"). The vast majority of the spoonfed by CannedWest BC public probably just thinks somebody misspelled "basis" every time they run into the name "Basi."

BTW, according to the "completed" court listings for last week it would appear that "Inherent Jurisdiction" (having to do with whether a particular court has the power to deal with a particular issue) was front and center during last week's ongoing trial/pre-trial
activities. I've always found it curious that the alleged crimes of BVB are alleged to have occurred in Victoria, BC, and assumed that the holding of the trial in Vancouver rather than the Capital was for the convience of all the big league high power legal beagles.

Judging from information currently in the Public Domain, it would seem like BVB's alleged criminal activities took place in myriad jurisdictions from Vancouver Island, to the Lower Mainland to Mile High Stadium in Denver.

I'm glad to see that the defense team are working for their guys, justifiably, by pointing the finger up the food chain instead of perhaps misleadingly in the other direction as the RCMP led by Lieberal Insider Inspector DeeBee appear to have been doing. My question today is, why has it taken three years for these guys to suggest the kind of questions I've had since the end of 2003?

I haven't been able to post lately over at the
as I've been too busy just trying to keep up with and digest all the information being disgorged lately. It's like an over the top feast after three years of famine.
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