Sunday, April 29, 2007


Vancouver Supreme Courtroom 54 on Monday 30 April 2007. Basi,Virk,Basi.

Start time: 10:00 AM. Basi, Virk, Basi pre-trial conference is confirmed.

Please consider carefully the final 3 items of the 7-page Criminal Court List, which I have hastily copied at 6:45 AM as follows:

AA-1440-5 - Limited Access vs HTMQ - Directions to consider unreasonable delay
AA-1440-6 - Limited Access vs HTMQ - Staying the proceedings as an abuse of process
AA-1440-7 - Limited Access vs HTMQ - Court to reconsider 2 of its prior rulings.

If these 3 items mean that the Defence team is raising their arguments to a challenge, this could be a historic day in Courtroom 54 and many people will want to be in the public gallery. At 6:45 AM, I have no way of checking exactly what this means -- or if indeed this is even the BC Rail case.

Click on the B.C. Criminal Courts Link at left, to see the complete listing for today, 30 April 2007. - BC Mary.

A confidential source within the Times Colonist confirms that the prosecution did petition the judge for a publication ban on Friday April 27.

Crown Counsel WInteringham asked Madame Justice Bennett for a publication ban on further evidence in the BC Rail trial but then withdrew it, BC Mary was told.

Times Colonist says that they remain committed to opposing such attempts in future, that they "think it is crucial that British Columbians are aware of what is going on in this trial."


Hope John ( I think it was John wasn't it?) sees this Mary.

Let's hope that commitment from the Times Colonist to informing the public will stand the test of time.

I think this is probably the most vital information that's been confirmed today - it indicates a great deal about the state of mind in the the Office of the Special Prosecutor.
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I was advised that a portion of your comment was libelous. I'm sorry to have to remove it ... but saved the first part, where you make a very strong point. Here's hoping you'll come back soon. Was your friend in court today? - BC Mary.

Here's part of what John wrote:

Mary what does that tell you about the Special Prosecutor in this case? I have NEVER heard of a situation where the accused want the information to get out whereas the Special Prosecutor is trying to put the Jeannie back in the bottle.

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