Friday, May 18, 2007


Surprise resignation: Andy Orr, Premier's conduit to Press Gallery, quit Friday May 18


Andy Orr -- a Campbell Administration fixture -- has resigned, effective immediately, as Executive Director of the Public Affairs Bureau of the Gordon Campbell government. He has been part of the Liberal regime since 2001 as the principal communications conduit between the administration and the press gallery.

"It's hard to overstate the significance of his departure" said Sean Holman on Public Eye Online.

Commenting on the resignation, Bill Tieleman asks "Is Andy sending a message?" Andy Orr, a onetime journalist, had also left as NDP Premier Mike Harcourt's press sectretary to go lobbying before Harcourt's term ended, with the premier in deep shark-infested waters.

From PREMIER'S COMMUNICATION CHIEF MOVES TO PRIVATE SECTOR by Miro Cernetig, Vancouver Sun, 20 May 2007:

...When the Liberals took power, Orr went on to become executive-director of the government's Public Affairs Bureau, overseeing the agency's growth into a $36-million operation that employs more than 200 people who stickhandle the government's policy announcements as well as its relations with the media.

But Orr's influence diminished somewhat in the past year with the rise of Campbell's deputy minister, Jessica McDonald, who has taken a firm control of the public service and the premier's office. Orr, once a key player in central strategy, found himself dealing more with staffing and bureaucratic matters.

"I believe that when people decide it's better from them to do something else, it's better to do something else," he told the CBC.

Note: There were 185 new communications officers hired 12 September 2006 under Order in Council No. 656. Just wondering: did they come under Orr's supervision all at once, in addition to the spin doctors already on staff? Bit of a challenge, all right.
- BC Mary.


Was the good Mr. Chase one of those golden 185?

Enquiring minds would sure like to know.

It's Sunday May 20th. I leave for Vancouver in the morning. I guess they heard I was coming. They adjourned court for two weeks. They adjourned the Leg for a week or so. And on the sinking ship the SS LINO all the mice are abandoning ship. Mice and rats are usually the first to go. They have a better sense of what's happening.

In the real world the captain goes down with his ship. But past precedence have shown this captain doesn't care about his ship. Nor the people it sails to protect. All he wants is a big cash grab. Why? you ask. Because he knows the ship is going down and he's going to jump. But he needs lots of money from the backs of the poor and homeless so he can buy a job with the people he actually served.

It's a sad,sad day in this provence when these money grubbers can get away with what they are doing. All I can say now is I wonder if they know about Karma?
It is a numbers game.

Orr will be given a huge severance package, paid outplacement, and likely a very generous return of pension contributions. Can't imagine how he would walk away with less than 1/2 million in his pocket for time served.

He would be a fool not to look at private sector opportunities.
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