Monday, May 14, 2007


Basi, Virk 'Hung Out to Dry': Lawyer

By Bill Tieleman
Published: May 14, 2007

Two key documents in the B.C. Legislature Raid case are missing, according to defence lawyers. And perhaps it's not surprising in such a politically-charged trial that one piece of evidence is connected to the federal Liberal Party of Canada, while the other relates to the B.C. Liberal party. {Snip} ...

Defence lawyer Michael Bolton, acting for David Basi, had no hesitation in drawing attention to the myriad of political connections between the accused, Crown witnesses like Bornmann and his Pilothouse Public Affairs co-owners Brian Kieran and Jamie Elmhirst, who will also testify, and others related to the investigation.

"All of the principle players in this case, including the three Pilothouse partners, Basi and Virk were all very, very active in the Paul Martin leadership campaign," Bolton told media outside the court on May 1. "At the same time of the B.C. Rail bids, the Paul Martin campaign was going on. You'll see a great deal of the connections between the Paul Martin leadership campaign and the B.C. Rail bidding process."

Bill's lengthy, fact-filled story should win him a Canadian Newspaper Award for investigative journalism. Thanks to The Tyee for letting Bill write true, and write long. Bill's article partners very neatly with DISCLOSURE - NOT REALLY (posted below) by our own, astute Anony-mouse. - BC Mary.

Bill's full story BASI, VIRK 'HUNG OUT TO DRY' is at:


Kidnappings, yes. Unlawful confinement, yes. Forcible confinement without authority, oh yes, a surprising lot of those. But no scheduled pre-trial hearing in Vancouver Supreme Court for HMTQ vs Basi Virk Basi today (Monday May 14).

I was just checking the Public Access Supreme Court List this morning. It's not that I doubted what Bill Tieleman had already told us. But you just never know what fresh surprises may be in store for the unsuspecting "public" in that "Public Access" list. So I'll check again tomorrow morning. I bet Bill checks it too.

Those Court lists are available (more or less) at 6:30 AM only on that day's court schedule. It sure doesn't leave much time for "the public" to catch a ferry or drive many miles to be there with Madame Justice Bennett, the legal teams and the working press, does it?

The Judge and the legal teams obviously know in advance whether to suit up for a court appearance -- or not -- so why not tell "the public" in time to attend, too? Surely nobody is wanting to make it look as if the public isn't in Courtroom 54 because we don't care? - BC Mary.


Good point Mary. Although the "trial" was adjourned until tomorrow the 15th, in the past there have been a couple of occasions where the trial was not listed until it was to commence and the public wasn't apprised until that time. But low and behold there were the Lawyers, the prosecution and the judge. Very good question.

I will be in Vancouver from the twenty-first until at least the second and will hit the courts every day that I don't have appointments. That is unless the case is thrown out. But then we probably won't be advised of that either.
Good news, Gary.

I hope you'll keep us informed. Don't tell yourself that others are reporting so you won't need to. I hope others are reporting. But each person sees different aspects of the court procedure ... sees them in their own special way.

So it's all interesting.

Don't even think that this case might be thrown out! I really believe that the public must make their feelings known on this.
Thanks for the advice Mary. And don't you get discouraged either. Just keep doing what you are doing but maybe give yourself a few minutes off each day.
I think I'll get a laptop when I'm in Vancouver so it doesn't take as long to report to you.
That would be wonderful, Gary. And much appreciated by the readers.

Hope you have a pleasant trip with good results.

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