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Special Prosecutor Bill Smart's opening remarks before Justice Bennett 2001

And I am not making this up. - BC Mary.

Some may say, My Lady, that this case, that really this long difficult trial, significant expense all over a deck ... doesn't warrant the time this case has taken and is going to take ... The Crown says that what lies at the heart of this prosecution ... is integrity by our government and by those who govern us ...

Political corruption is an insidious evil which can undermine the whole fabric of our democratic society ...

The Crown says that political corruption, even small incidents, can have an extensive and insidious effect. It can have an effect on public confidence in government, on the morale of our public service and also on voluntary public obedience to our laws. After all, much like the justice system, what can be more important to our democratic society than public confidence in our government, in our public employees, in our public officials ... ?

Quoted from Special Prosecutor Bill Smart's opening comments before Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett presiding in Vancouver Supreme Court at the 8-month trial of former premier Glen Clark. See Page 190, Daggers Unsheathed, the political assassination of Glen Clark, by Judi Tyabji Wilson, Heritage House 2002.

The Verdict: Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett found that former premier Glen Clark was innocent. The charges appear to have been politically motivated.


Very good post Mary! Somebody should send that to our dear not so special prosecutor Berardino and ask him to explain why he didn't charge the corrupt lobbyists who have admitted to bribing public officials!! After all doesn't that speak to "integrity of our government and by those who govern us". Doesn't the actions of corrupt lobbyists smack of "political corruption" which "is an insidious evil which can undermine the whole fabric of our democratic society".
Hey Bill, if your reading this, can you put down your champagne glass and explain this to us working class slobs who can't afford the memberhip dues in your fancy social club??
Hey aaron, I like your spirit!

You just never know, Bill Berardino might be reading what you said. Our friend Kootcoot from House of Infamy knows how to track some of the visitors to this web-site.

At first it scared me. Like, RCMP headquarters in Ottawa? Then I thought: Well, gee: this means I have a direct line to a lot of the people I'd really like to talk to.

Lots of drop-ins come from the B.C. Legislature and from various law offices throughout Canada, as well as from The Globe and Mail in Toronto and from the U.S.A., England, and Australia.

Just think of them, aaron, and write again, because, for sure: we're all in this together.

I'd really like to know if Bill Berardino is coming back to Vancouver Supreme Courtroom 54 ... It's so odd the way everybody seems to be pretending that they don't notice his disappearance. How could they not notice?

BC Mary wrote:

"It's so odd the way everybody seems to be pretending that they don't notice his disappearance. How could they not notice?"

lol, BC Mary, it reminds me of that hilarious Fawlty Towers episode.... "Whatever you do don't mention the war".
That's one of my favourite episodes ... when Basil couldn't stop "mentioning the war" and did that alarming goose-step march around the dining room, with his finger imitating Hitler's mustache.

And it ended up with the German tourists saying, "How in the vorld did zey ever vin ze var?"

Wouldn't it be great if we could all end up laughing ...

Good one Aaron! Can somebody anybody out there reading this post tell us poor peasants, you know the working class stiffs that just go about our daily lives why the corrupt lobbyists have managed to pull of the deal of the century. I need to find a gig where I can make $300,000, commit crimes like bribery and then continue my lucrative lobbying racket and even go to law school and become a lawyer! Hey Bill I am dying to hear you explain that one since you are such a "pillar" of respect in the legal communuity. Tell us Bill, what do your colleagues think about this?

Maybe the rcmp officers reading this have an answer. Sorry they are too busy dealing with their own scandals like the ever growing pension scandal and the soon to explode rcmp corruption bomb here in bc.

To Bill Berardino, if you are indeed reading this I want to ask you again to answer Aaron's question, tell us how not charging the lobbyists helps to maintain the "public interest" in the "administration of justice". Remember the scales of justice, the blindfold, surely to god as a special prosecutor you must be aware of these things! I don't believe you are sipping chamgagne. I would say you have a "spot of team" in the morning and then Champagne at night with caviar. Come on Bill answer the question we want to get this trial going. Oh, by the way can you also tell us why you have been withholding documents that seem to implicate your friends in the bc liberals. If Bill won't answer the question maybe the rcmp officer who regularly visits this site can answer the question. Hey debruyckere, why don't you chime in, nothing stopped you before, whats wrong the premier has your tongue??

One final thing Bill, is it true that the fraud charges against basi and crew involve the premise that somehow cn rail paid too much for our public asset bc rail? Now this I want to hear from your own lips Bill because this takes the cake. Come on, answer the question for ol Mary, she has put a lot of effort into this site, the least you can do is answer some questions, you know the ol "public interest" nonsense again.
I've been thinking ... if it takes 8 months for a trial involving a premier and a back porch ... then for charges involving an entire government and Canada's 3rd largest railway it might require ... lemme see: [square root of the trackage between Squamish and Prince George minus Bill Berardino's shoe size multiplied by Gary Collins' IQ vectored by planetary phases of Venus, Mars, and Pluto and adjusted according to the annual flower count in Victoria and Ottawa's tulip festival] it could well mean that HMTQ vs Basi, Virk, Basi might require about 9 years, eh. Maybe 12.
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