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Press clippings - 10 May 2007

24 HOURS - 10 May 2007

An angry judge criticized missing evidence in the B.C. Legislature raid case as the defence pressed the prosecution for additional documents related to alleged B.C. Liberal Party media manipulation and dirty tricks.

Justice Elizabeth Bennett interjected several times as Special Prosecutor Andrea MacKay attempted to explain why several documents were neither disclosed to the defence nor identified on a "not disclosed" list.

"The concern is that despite checks and balances, a number of documents have gone missing in this case," Bennett said.

Kevin McCullough, lawyer for former provincial ministerial aide Bob Virk, argued that "media monitoring" contracts between the B.C. Liberal Party and David Basi, Virk's co-accused in the breach of trust and fraud trial, must be disclosed.

McCullough has alleged that Basi, former ministerial aide to ex-Finance Minister Gary Collins, was paid $20,000 for media manipulation on talk radio shows and political dirty tricks connected to the $1-billion privatization of B.C. Rail.

"Why haven't we received that Liberal Party contract right now? Why not just give it to us?" he asked. Bennett agreed.


Thanks again Bill for your excellent reporting. Here we have a judge "scolding" this pathetic excuse for a prosecutor on "missing documents". How much do you want to bet these "missing documents" may incriminate campbell and his cronies? The more I read the more I am convinced this thing stinks stinks stinks! Whats next missing conversations or "gaps" on the wiretaps themselves!!!!
And can't wait to see who actually 'signed' said contracts.


I have read the coverage this week and I am concerned that the prosecution is not acting in the public interest.

I have taken it upon myself to call the offices of Bill Berardino/ Hunter Litigation Chambers and ask that they begin to act like a prosecution team. Get Campbell in the witness stand so that we the public can find out why he broke his promise not to sell BC Rail.

An interesting parallel can be drawn from the Conrad Black fraud trial in the USA. Look at how the prosecution team is working and hammering away at the defence.

I encourage all of your readers to call Bill Berardino and ask that he get to work!

Hunter Litigation Chambers
I am encouraged by Judge Bennett's actions. No doubt she has a lot of pressure coming from certain members of the bench, but I have to give her full credit for taking a gutsy stand on behalf of British Columbians.

Where oh where is Bill Barnidino????
John Hoss:

Very interesting, commendable reaction of yours.

Would you mind sharing with us, who did you talk to at Hunter Litigation Chambers? And what did they tell you?

Did you come away with any idea of why Bill Berardino suddenly stopped appearing in Courtroom 54?

Many thanks for your encouraging input.

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