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The Trial has begun. First evidence was given under oath yesterday.

Neal Hall, CanWest News Service
Published: Tuesday, May 01, 2007

VANCOUVER -- The trial of two former provincial government aides accused of corruption heard its first witness testimony yesterday. {Snip} ...

Appearance of the surprise witness at the trial caught the prosecution off-guard.

Janet Winteringham, a lawyer with the prosecution team, had the judge stand the witness down until he returns later this week to be cross-examined.

Please note: I have asked Times Colonist for permission to reprint this significant article in full, as it provides the first hint that the Trial of the Century has begun. As such, this is the first evidence to be given under oath.
Or, go to Neal Hall's report in full at:

Pacific Gazetteer - 1 May 2007
An excerpt

... Mr. Preissell, who became the first witness in the corruption trial when Mr. McCullough suddenly called him to the stand, testified that in 2003, his association was in conflict with ICBC, the Crown-owned Insurance Corporation of B.C.

He said his association had been using the services of Pilothouse Public Affairs Group, a lobbying firm in Victoria that also worked for OmniTRAX at that time.

Mr. Preissell said Brian Kieran, a Pilothouse director, called to warn him not to launch a media campaign against Mr. Collins.

"The bottom line was he threatened me repeatedly for me not to go to the media and embarrass the Finance Minister," Mr. Preissell said. "I was actually afraid."

Mr. Preissell said he subsequently complained to the police about the call.


Who knew that by 2003 the Lobbyists and the LINOs had already managed to turn Lotusland into a replica of the swamps of New Jersey.

And one can only wonder, if there is an actual on-the-record record of Mr. Preissell's call to police that could be offered up as, you know, real evidence?

Oh, and don't forget, while all this was allegedly going on, back in 2003, those same fun-lovin' goodfellas from Pilothouse were also crowing about inside info on car dealer association lobby-jobs obtained from then Finance Minister apparatchuck Mr. Paul Taylor who is now the patronage appointed head of, guess what - ICBC.

Read more from Pacific Gazette at:


URGENT URGENT URGENT Mary I just got this emailed to me. This proves in my mind what the defence have alleged from day one, the prosecutor and the rcmp are withholding vital information from the defence.

VANCOUVER (CP) -- A defence lawyer in the legislature raid case says it's "remarkable" that the Crown withheld comprehensive evidence until this morning.

Kevin McCullough was handed notes on the RCMP's investigation into the sale of B.C. Rail by a Crown lawyer minutes before the judge walked into the courtroom.

McCullough appeared flustered about the late disclosure of the

Looking over the notes, he said they include evidence about an
alleged threat by a lobbyist involved in the B.C. Rail deal, along with information about former finance minister Gary Collins.

Justice Elizabeth Bennett allowed McCullough about 15 minutes to
look over the notes before the trial resumed.

McCullough represents one of three former government aides facing
various charges in the sale of the Crown-owned rail line, which led
to a raid on the B.C. legislature in December 2003.
That's a great report John.
I'm really impressed at how accurate your contact in the court has been with her/his observations.

Some of this stuff hasn't made it into the pages of our papers and it is dynamite.

Looking forward to more of the same. Thank you.
Just thinking, john, if you're interested, you might want to contact me directly - perhaps there are ways to get your 'news' into view in somewhat more prominent places than just the comments section here at the blog.

I check this email once a day.
No obligation: garthwest@hotmail.com

And I don't work for the media - if that's a concern - discretion guaranteed.

Hope to hear from you.
I have just read the Criminal Supreme Adult Court List for Today. I don't see any reference to case #23299-3.
Am I missing something here? I also checked Victoria.

I think this is another example of the judiciary not giving a damn about the public.

I'm just about to post the links to Neal Hall's article in which the final sentence says "The trial continues today."

Like poodles waiting under the dinnertable, we'll just have to be grateful for whatever crumbs we can find.

Grumble, grrrrrr.
Thanks for the link to The Dobranos/Goodfellas tongue-in-cheekiness post Mary.

Just to be complete, however, readers should know that the top half of the thing is actually an excerpt from a much less satirical piece by Mark Hume in the Globe that was published Tuesday May 1st (it was a little ahead of Mr. T's which is a little more detailed)


(btw: for those interested, there is a new Dobranos post up today)
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