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$50 million in B.C. bud to the U.S.

Seen in passing, Ian Mulgrew's report on B.C.'s biggest pot case involving men with organizational skills and day jobs (a real estate agent, a helicopter pilot, a pastor in a Bible college), and $50 million in extra cash. Although not related to The Legislature Raids, this report provides a glimpse into a local economy running full tilt through British Columbia life and courts ...

B.C.'s biggest pot case ends with 31/2- to 7-year jail terms
Judge sentences five men for shipping $50 million of bud to the U.S.

Ian Mulgrew
Vancouver Sun - June 6, 2007

... Many others also have been convicted or pleaded guilty as a result of the sprawling international multi-force investigation that snared these five men in 2001 and exposed a handful of major independent, British Columbia -based drug smuggling organizations.

These separate groups used airplanes, helicopters, semi-trailers, and couriers who infiltrated the U.S. by sneaking across the border on foot.

The evidence showed this particular group made at least 13 deliveries by semi-trailer consisting of between 300 and 600 pounds of marijuana fetching a price of $2,500 US per pound -- that's between $750,000 and $1.5 million a load.

This phase of the sophisticated operation alone realized about $10 million US, [Judge] Romilly said, at a time the U.S. dollar was up to 40 per cent higher than the Canadian dollar.

Their air bud arm flew at least two successful Cessna trips into the U.S. and delivered at least $1 million US worth of pot.

Helicopters made two to three trips a day south of the border laden each time with about 150 pounds of marijuana, earning the criminals some $36 million US... {Snip}


Senator Pat Carney( Conservative) said BC Bud is not only the best there is, when comparing it to the the stuff they grow in some mine somehwere else. She said it's one of BC best, if not the best export crop. Now I'm not suggesting the good senator is a casual user of the stuff, but the last time she sat next to me in a conference she looked better than she had for years. Her back up till then was a mess. If she's a supporter of weed, I as a non user say Go for it Pat. dl
Whether it is BC's "best export crop" or not is a qualitative judgement. However, many think it is the largest in dollar value. I have no problem if BC were to export hemp in all its various forms, better that than feeding wild fish to diseased farmed fish or digging and distributing uranium for a living.
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