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Another 'only in B.C.' circus comes to town, says Michael Smyth


Before Michael Smyth is allowed to ride his "Only in B.C." (cue the derisive laughter) hobby-horse across this web-site, BC Mary has something to say about that.

That tired old "Only in B.C." mantra is like saying "Pay no attention, folks, nothin' happening here ... just move along, please ...")

"Only in B.C." politics is an almost-polite way of saying to the world: "Let the fools have their silly bit of fun, it's all harmless, nothing to worry about, folks, don't go shining a light on B.C. politics."

It's damwell not fun, Michael. It's anything but laughable. Can't you understand -- even now -- that B.C. politics is toxic, not harmless. Toxic politics is hurting B.C. And if you think that the B.C. Rail trial is nothing to worry about, then you aren't even beginning to fulfill the trust people place in their newspapers. You have no clue about the duty which a free and fair press owes to the public.

Now, what were you saying about a circus ... ? A B.C. circus coming to town from somewhere else?


Now we'll see just how 'transparent' his government is

Michael Smyth
The Province - Friday, June 08, 2007

The day the cops busted the provincial legislature was one of those classic "only in B.C." moments.

Think about it: What other province has a premier whose most famous photograph is his mug shot?

What other province had a premier whose house was searched by the RCMP under the watch of a TV camera crew there "on a hunch?"

Only in B.C., I say!

And that day in 2003 when a platoon of burly police sergeants marched into the legislature to execute a series of search warrants ranks right up there on the list.

It was a shocking event -- and one that still begs many questions.

But it was also an event that Premier Gordon Campbell said must be explained to the citizens of B.C.

In the immediate aftermath of the legislature raids, Campbell made repeated assurances that the government would fully co-operate with any investigations.

"I've told everyone to be as open and transparent as they can about the entire situation," he said a few days after police swept through the people's house.

Now we'll find out just how transparent his government can be. {SNIP} ...

And No. 1 on their snoop list is Premier Campbell's filing cabinets.

The lawyers also want records from a long list of cabinet ministers, MLAs, Crown counsel, cabinet and caucus committees and even the offices of the clerk and speaker of the legislative assembly.{SNIP} ...

But there are the little matters of parliamentary privilege, cabinet confidences, official secrecy and the like.

(Which the NDP government relied on to fight electoral fraud allegations in the notorious "fudge-it budget" affair of the the 1990s.)

So here we go again. Another "only in B.C." circus has come to town.

I just hope the entire case doesn't derail as a result. When the people's house is raided by the police, the people deserve to know why.


There we go again. A MSM article trying to whitewash a Liberal screw-up by alluding to previous NDP matters. They just keep on proving my point. They want us to know every day how bad THEY think the NDP are. And trying to deflect the subject from Campbell.
It's all they know how to do anymore Gary. Today's Supreme Court Decision about labour bargaining rights is also very interesting....
What's more, Gary, the MSM seems to think that if they can't succeed in creating "public apathy" by withholding the news, well, they can at least teach us how to belittle our own concerns.

As in: "Repeat after us: it's 'only B.C. politics, ha ha, wink wink' ... 'it's only B.C. politics, tee hee, nudge, nudge'".

It's supposed to get us to back off, I guess. Ha.

You know Mary I really think that you were correct and someone has to start a blog on the MSM. Right now I have lots of time but that could possibly come to an end soon. And I also don't know how to run a blog.(computer semi illiterate) I know you tie up the better part of a day with this one but if there is anyone out there that has some time and can do it, or if they know if one already exists please let us know.
Just as a tangential aside, our pal Gary Mason wrote a scathing column a few days back, blaming the NDP for the whole pay raise mess. I'm not sure they handled it right, but if you're looking to lay blame, how about laying *some* at the feet of the greedy bastards who went ahead with the raise legislation.

This is the guy who the national newspaper (tm) sent to cover the biggest political scandal of a generation. Once more, it is to weep.
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