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Les Leyne, Lindsay Kines and Jeff Rud
Times Colonist - Sunday, June 03, 2007

DEAD AIR: Debate on the premier's spending estimates is traditionally a free-for-all argument where the Opposition questions everything the government does, and the premier takes on all comers.

But this week, it looked more like the meditation corner of a Zen garden.

Gordon Campbell's first move after nearly every question was to turn and consult with the staff brought in to back him up. Consult and consult and consult.

They whispered back and forth for minutes on end, while a stupefied house was frozen in silence. It took four minutes and 43 seconds to come up with an answer on who enforces standards of conduct. Just shy of four minutes was spent waiting for an answer on another issue, and four minutes and 20 seconds for another relating to how his office handled one controversy.

After one long-drawn-out whispering war council produced a mundane series of remarks, Opposition Leader Carole James said: "That was an answer that could have been given much quicker than the length of time that we're taking between questions."

But the goad produced only more quiet huddles.

James said: "If we take a look at the time we spent this morning, we had 110 minutes of question time available to us this morning. The premier's dead-air time accounted for 63 minutes."

She said at one point, she thought about asking him his name, just to clock how long it would take to figure out an answer. {Snip} ...

[Thank you, Lucinda. The Legislature ended its spring session 3 days ago but your Times Colonist is the first to report on this extraordinary event. - BC Mary]


The arrogance and immaturity of the Liberal Party of BC just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it.

They now know that they have absolutely no chance of getting re-elected so they act like little children in everything they do. Even if the Basi-Virk court case is derailed there will be somekind of inquiry. The utter gall of a Premier of this province acting like a little boy with a ball, not allowing anyone else to play because they may win just sickens me. Right from the beginning (when he was in opposition) his sole purpose in life was to defeat the NDP. Back when he could smell victory I thought he was going to wet his pants he was so excited. Since they have been elected this party has shown that they have absolutely no regard for the people that elected them. Many of my friends and some relatives that are life long liberals are so sickened by this parties antics that they have swarn to vote for any other party rather than the Liberal/Socreds. That says a lot.

What really disturbs me is that The Liberals cannot be so stupid as to think these antics will go unnoticed and without consequence.

What else do we know? Lets see.. oh yeah the So-called Premier has pork-barreled himself a fat raise and pension, along with his cronies. This tells me that (taken in context with the childish antics) not many of them will be running in the next election. You see that was the last straw. After taking almost everything away from the working man they decided to take it all for themselves. Disgusting? I think so.

I wish Carol James had asked him his name. In delaying the answer it would show, proof positive, just what kind of a immature person we have, supposedly leading, this province.
Remember these words because they are very appropriate given the long periods of silence:

You have the right to remain silent.
You have a right to an attorney.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

These people aren't stupid, they know whats going on why do you think campbell paused for 4 minutes on a question that would seem, to anybody with half a brain, to have such an obvious answer - who enforces standards of ethical conduct?
reed...there is apparently no standard for ethical conduct for the Liberal party in BC nor in the legislature. Nothing they have done is ethical. And their conduct is certainly unbecoming of an elected official in this province.
And I for one will not remain silent on any of the issues in this province. We have the right to freedom of expression. As far as the liberals goes they certainly are the masters of cover-up, delay and remaining silent.
These people have no moral or ethical compass. Look at the way they continued to have contact with lobbyists who have admitted to allegedly bribing public officials. I am sorry but in my book if you have readily admitted to serious criminal offences thats more than enough reason to say "stay away from me". These guys continue to eat at the trough. I would bet you as we speak the Pilothouse/K&E Public Affairs or whatever they call themselves now are still lobbying senior officials in government and in touch with their friends in campbells office.

.....and Ken Dobell still has his desk in the office of the premier. Note the distinction between office of the premier and premiers office. I for one think that when Campbell got nailed with DUI then all work he has done since is non existant. He should have done the right thing. RESIGNED
And I was just in Vancouver for a week and a half. No trial. Sorry Mary, I had to return home. On the bright side, I picked up a Laptop that is wireless ready. If I have to return in the next couple of weeks, I'll be ready. Providing the trial doesn't get derailed. Sorry for the play on words.
A very successful way to make sure there are as few questions as possible. Not such a bad idea - waste the session, shut down for the summer and indicate that there is no need for a fall session. And for this we are paying them how much now not to work?
Anonymous 6:03, they are working really hard, you know meeting with lobbyists like Kieran Elmhirst and Bornmann. Sorry I almost forgot, the $250/hr "public servant" ken dobell - if he cares so much about the public maybe he could work for $1 - now that would be public service!! Don't feel so bad for him, he has his pension from the City of Vancouver and the pension from 5 years of "service" to campbell.
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