Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Breaking News: There will be news of Basi Virk Basi trial in Vancouver Sun soon!

Well, I tried. And the Managing Editor of Vancouver Sun sent encouraging words for us. In fact, he sounds like way too nice a man to be responsible for that newspaper. On the other hand, I may have sounded a bit ratty when I wrote:

To: Kirk Lapointe,
Managing Editor
Vancouver Sun

Is it really too much to ask of B.C.'s flagship newspaper to keep people informed of the developing B.C. Rail case?

It's difficult, in fact nearly impossible, for people to find out the simplest details, such as (for heaven sake) the "conference call" which was scheduled for yesterday among Madam Justice Bennett and the lawyers for Prosecution and Defence? Did it happen? With what result, such as, is the trial of Basi, Virk and Basi ready to go? Not ready yet? Undergoing a Charter Challenge? What?

With effort, I have learned that this "conference call" actually took place in B.C. Supreme Court (Vancouver). People wonder why? Who ever heard of a conference call happening entirely in one room? Wouldn't that make it a pre-trial hearing? Who knows? The public is treated as irrelevant.

Undeniably HMTQ vs the 3 former government aides is one of the most important in B.C.

Please ... give us an intelligent summary of what's happening.
BC Mary
The Legislature Raids

And Kirk Lapointe, Managing Editor of Vancouver Sun, very kindly replied:

Hi Mary:

The truth is, nothing much has happened in the process, so we haven't been consuming resources during this heavy holiday season on non-news.

But we are at work on a piece that will move in the next two or three days, so bear with us.

Kirk LaPointe,
Managing Editor,
The Vancouver Sun.


I happen to have a leaked copy of the headline and first few paragraphs of that story, below. Don't ask how I got it, for I will not tell.

Basi/Virk trial: nothing to see here

by S. Icophant
Vancouver Sun
VANCOUVER - The Basi/Virk trial, looking into the drug dealings of a couple of low-ranking government functionaries, is starting to resemble a Shakespearean play, anonymous sources close to the trial say.
The play? Much Ado About Nothing.
Despite what webloggers (or, as the kids say "bulloggers") say on the Internets, there's no real news there, the source, who spoke at great peril to his career, said today.
"About the only thing interesting is that the haters of the best government in the country are stirring up nonsense," said Gary Mason, er, um, I mean the anonymous source.
"In fact, isn't it an interesting coincidence that the legislature was raided only a few weeks after Carole James was elected leader of the NDP? So this waste of taxpayer dollars is all her fault!"
Premier Gordon Campbell was too busy making the economy run like gangbusters to comment for this story.
Anonymous, good trick, "accidentally" dropping Gary Mason's (the first Annual Golden Gyro winner)name to protect your real source, Vaughn Palmer - Gordo's personal representative/butterboy/pedastal polisher to the world (well the head one out of over two hundred).
Ah.....the 'Non-News' line again.

Wonder if this editor will come to regret this statement as much as an another editor across the waters came to not so long ago?

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