Monday, September 17, 2007


Confirmed: Case 23299 in B.C. Supreme Court today (Sept 17) beginning 9:00 AM

Today's Supreme Court listings include 7-1/2 pages on Case 23299 (the B.C. Rail case), which is Her Majesty the Queen vs Udhe (Dave) Basi, Bobby S. Virk, and Aneal Basi.

At least, it begins that way. Then, it changes to HMTQ vs Limited Access as it lists the disclosure applications.

Finally at the bottom of page 5, the charges change to Limited Access & Others vs HMTQ on the same issues.

Click on the links in the left column of The Legislature Raids, to see the full 18-page listing of today's Supreme Court sessions in Vancouver.

Bill Tieleman hopes to attend. Robin Mathews hopes to attend. All other reports are very welcome here, too.
- BC Mary.

Any bets it will just be more arguing over disclosure?
Hi Mary

I noticed that the last three entries on this case are applications for access to documents held by the court. Which would be public access documents. Could this be an application by Robin Matthews?
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