Friday, September 28, 2007


Even 'B.C. Bud' hit by rising Canadian dollar

Noted in passing, in Vancouver Sun, 28 Sept. 2007 (Reuters)


Well I guess the 'Murcans will have to just go back to getting their pot from Mexico, like the old days. Well, at least until the peso also surpasses the 'Murcan dollar in value!

Then I guess they'll just have to harness that ol' 'Murcan ingenuity and grow their own.
Cudja please focus, Koot? This is about Project Everywhichway, you know.


Jeepers, Creepers, Ms. Mary, I didn't post on my front page an article discussing the effect of the rise of the Loonie (or more appropriately the swirling of the US dollar in the toilet) on the "BC Bud Export Market."

And as we all suspect, the BC Bud sector may well be involved in ProjectEveryWhichWay - indeed wasn't "organized" crime (not the synomynous government)and drugs, the original focus of PEWW?
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