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Cops upset but 'still doing the work' ... plus update 17 Oct.

This is today's only mention in the Big B.C. Media of the Battershill drama. Nothing in Vancouver Sun or The Province today. Perhaps I only imagine that this Times Colonist story has a chilling tone of avoidance. Police Chief Battershill was co-commander of the Raids on the B.C. Legislature. - BC Mary.


Times Colonist: Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Members of the Victoria Police Department are upset and saddened by events that have removed Chief Paul Battershill from the job and placed him on administrative leave, Acting Chief Bill Naughton said yesterday.

"As much as the public controversy swirls around us, the bottom line is when the bells rings we keep answering the calls," Naughton said at a press conference yesterday. "We're here. We're doing the work. We're doing it professionally. I think we're meeting the expectations of the public with respect to our performance, despite the stressors we're always dealing with."

Battershill, who has been chief since 1999, is under contract with the city until December 2008.

He was placed on administrative leave last week after an emergency police board meeting was called on Wednesday to discuss allegations against him. Mayor Alan Lowe, chairman of the police board, has refused to explain what the allegations are, other than to say they have to do with a personnel issue.

Lowe said Battershill has until tomorrow [Oct 17] to decide how he wants to deal with the allegations. "No meeting has been set up but I hope it will be before the end of the week."


Suspended police chief gets more time to respond to allegations

CanWest News Service
Published: Wednesday, October 17, 2007

VICTORIA - Members of the Victoria police board are holding an emergency meeting today to discuss allegations of misconduct against police Chief Paul Battershill, who has been placed on administrative leave with pay.

But the man at the centre of the allegations will not be present at the in-camera meeting, said Victoria Mayor Alan Lowe, who is chair of the police board.

Lowe said Battershill's lawyer asked for more time Tuesday to respond to the allegations. {Snip} ...

The meeting, which will be held at the police department, is closed to the public because the board is discussing a "personnel issue." {Snip} ...

Lowe insisted the way the board is proceeding is not unusual.

"Lots of people" are put on administrative leave and given time to respond, he said.


This really smells and I suspect Mr. Lowe is a long time Liebral and a regualr contributor. It seems there is no end to the methods the Campbell crew will go to, to protect themselves. Democracy, Ha. Joey
Much agree, Joey. This situation is really weird.

Paul Battershill, as far as I can figure it out, has an excellent reputation.

I can't help thinking of him as one of the Good Guys for his role in the Legislature Raids.

Right now, it just looks as if somebody is trying to dump on him, possibly because of the oncoming series of pre-trial hearings for Basi Virk Basi. Or not.

Anybody else have better information? On the Victoria Police Chief? Or ... ?


I think that your information on the chief is incorrect.

last I checked, battershill didn't even come up during the last court hearings in the spring.

this has nothing to do with battershill and the leg raid.

...but mr. mulroney had better remember the role he played during this case. and don't forget the cozy relationship mulroney has with elhirst, marrisen, et al...

Remember his firm had a prosecution contract from the department of justice - check out public eyeonline.
mary - use this link for reference. i know what i talk about.


7:14, you tell me that "My information on the chief is incorrect". What information is that?

Anon 7:15 & 7:17: why do you think the person who led the raid on the BC Legislature should have "come up in the court hearings last spring"? Are you suggesting that he DIDN'T co-lead the raids? Or what?

Paul Battershill will undoubtedly be asked to provide evidence concerning the raid, when Basi, Virk and Basi do come to trial.

I've read the Public Eye comments you recommend, about Mulroney and can't see any basis for what you say. And this is what puzzles me.

Nobody provides an actual basis for the suspension and investigation of Paul Battershill. What's more, they keep saying they never will reveal the complaints (if any) to the public. And yet it seems to be Open Season on Paul Battershill -- a man many people, including the Attorney-General, call a good cop.

Well, I don't agree with that. Am very UNfavourably impressed by that kind of thing. But I'm willing to listen if you know something that can be confirmed.

Perhaps you'll comment again, when the Mayor Alan Lowe releases his comments on the RCMP report.

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