Friday, October 05, 2007


I'm sorry, but this is no way to build public confidence

It's no way to build public confidence in British Columbia's flagship newspaper.

This is Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada, one of the loveliest celebrations of the year when the harvests are coming in from the fields and orchards, and people gather together to acknowledge with thanks, the bounty of the earth.

It's a tradition. Families and friends gather together around groaning dinner tables to savour each of the dishes at the peak of their wholesome goodness. No gifts, no songs, no pressure.

Thanksgiving is the most innocent, uncomplicated, straightforward celebration of the year and in our hearts we give thanks no matter our religion or agnosticism.

In the new environmental concern, this celebration has an added significance.

This morning, as usual, I turned to our Vancouver Sun for news of Basi Virk & BC Rail, of course, but also hoping for some happy Thanksgiving thoughts of food and drink and green awareness, but ... holy cats! what's this?

Vancouver's flagship newspaper's big weekend feature is "Sex and the city ... who's doing it, where, when, what, and why!"

Has the Managing Editor gone completely nuts? He doesn't know why people do sex? Why does he care where they do sex, or how? Does he think Grandma and Aunt Martha will gather up the kiddies to hear all about this kind of pumpkin-fest?

In addition, the Sun has a special front page photo feature alert (it's been featured for several days) where Bif Naked marries one of the Vancouver Sun's sports writers. Yeah.

Reaction? Can the pumpkins! Free the turkeys! Like Basi Virk & B.C. Rail, Thanksgiving in Canada isn't even mentioned in our Newspaper of Record today. Come to think of it, maybe we should be thankful for that.

A joyful Thanksgiving weekend to everyone. - BC Mary.


Sun Editorialists are totally at odds with the life experience of the average person they are supposed to serve. They are pathological elitists. StoneWally Oppal is their gladiator against polygamists, gang members, meth heads, garbage binners, squeegie kids and "thugs" (actually the Province owns that category), and other humans unacceptable to Point Grey denizens. Their hero can't be seen to be covering up Liberal Party wrongdoing.

Frankly, I suspect that the Basi-Virk case will be sandbagged. When I lived in Toronto, there was an incident where an internal investigation into police assault ended when somebody broke into an evidence locker, and stole evidence. Where members of the elite club are above big media scrutiny, then anything can happen.
It's quite possible, that there are more people out there, who know that many are suffering at the hands of Cdn.authorities! I'm speaking to those who know of the gag orders and ban on publications,that literally allienates victims from this country.When the charter of rights includes all Canadians, then we will have something to be thankful! for!
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