Friday, October 12, 2007


Next Supreme Court pre-trial hearing: 26 October. Meantime ... sheesh!

Sheesh ... so it has come to this:


Metro negotiating for $14-million-plus property in North Vancouver to replace West Van facility

Kelly Sinoski
Vancouver Sun - Friday, October 12, 2007

METRO VANCOUVER - Metro Vancouver is negotiating to buy a piece of BC Rail property, valued at more than $14 million, in North Vancouver for a new Lions Gate sewage treatment plant.

The region plans to relocate the existing plant, just west of the Lions Gate Bridge in West Vancouver, to a 2.8-hectare site in the passenger station land at West First and McKeen Avenue.

The plant, expected to cost upwards of $200 million, is to be built within the next 15 years and would have a higher level of treatment for waste. {Snip} ...

The announcement was made the same day Ottawa stayed a pollution charge against Metro Vancouver. Environmental groups had argued the region was responsible for repeated failures of fish toxicity tests caused by sewage effluent.

Marvin Hunt, chairman of the Metro Vancouver waste management committee, said Thursday the decision had nothing to do with expedited plans for the plant, insisting Metro Vancouver didn't believe it was harming the marine environment with its primary treatment facility.

Lions Gate and the Iona treatment plant in Richmond are the only facilities out of the five the region operates to have just primary treatment.

The region said it will consider treatment facility designs around the world before constructing the new plant.

"We don't believe we're violating anything but we're constantly improving our systems," Hunt said.

Christianne Wilhelmson, of the Georgia Strait Alliance, disagreed, but said she was encouraged by the pledge to use upgraded technology and secondary treatment in the new plant.

"When you're dumping chemicals and pharmaceuticals in the ocean, there are plants and animals living there," Wilhelmson said. "What goes into the ocean is coming back on your dinner plate because fish are swimming in it."


After the October 26th trial date, the next set of trial dates are in the first three weeks in Descember. This is when the defense gets to present their findings from the "drug investigation room". There may be a federal election going on when this happens. With several people close to Dion also connected to Basi and Bornman, this could put the Liberals in a very awkward position. I sometimes wonder if the Harper Conservatives are trying to schedule the election so it coincides with a particularly juicy segment of the Basi trial.
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