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Suspect leaves the country (Jan. 2004)

A commentor contributes the following item dated 5 Jan. 2004:

Jan 05, 2004

VICTORIA/ CKNW (AM980) -- One of the people arrested in connection with the police investigation that lead to the raid on the Legislature has left the country.

Victoria Police Chief Paul Battershill doesn't know if police will seek his return. Battershill says that decision will be made if and when charges are laid in the future.

Battershill says he knows where the man has gone, but won't make that information public.

None of the nine people arrested in Victoria, Vancouver and Toronto as part of what police call a drug conspiracy investigation have been charged.

But Battershill hopes the investigation that sparked the raid on the Legislature will put a dent in BC's massive drug industry. He says organized crime is becoming far too powerful in this province, with all of the money it's raking in.

Battershill says there is a money-laundering aspect to the investigation, which began 20 months ago.


Police stated on TV News tonight - they had not taken away this person's Passport.


The chief mentioned a long time ago that if the public knew of some of the things going on in Victoria, it would curl our hair. I'm not quoting him but that was the subject. I do hope this mess gats sorted quickly and no matter waht the result I can't see him wanting to stay in Victoria. I didn't quite catch as to how chanell 12 got the papers they delived to the city. dl
Who is that person? Why, does this person get to be above the law? Why, do Cdn authorities let some people off the hook, while letting their victims suffer? This is an atrocity and makes me hate Canada!The New government of Canada better step up or else? I can't believe what's going on and waht is worse that it's allowed! WHO IS THIS PERSON?
Anonymous 9:47,

Don't you dare hate Canada!

Certain things have to be checked out and corrected. Things will always be that way. As citizens, we have our duties too.

But "hate Canada" ... ? No way.

I hope you didn't really mean that.


Perhaps Anon above (Canada hater) expressed his displeasure-hatred for actions/behavior in which Canada is complicit in his view, somewhat awkwardly. However, if I read the
Charter correctly we are allowed to love or hate anybody and anything we choose (with the exception perhaps of the overlords of the Middle East - the ones with the Nukes). As long as we don't practice "hate speech" of the type that could incite violence against the "hated," we are still allowed to have opinions.

Lord knows I know you are a patriotic Canadian and there is nothing wrong with that, indeed it is admirable. But beware,
at some point patriotism crosses over into jingoism and xenophobia and becomes a knee jerk reaction, of no more value than any other kneejerk reactions. George Bernard Shaw had this to say about patriotism.

"Patriotism is the belief your country is superior to all other
countries because you were born in it."

I hate what is happening to Canada. Canada itself, on one level, is a concept that isn't being honored much today. Being the bully boy to the south's little pardner, or a place where obstruction of justice is par for the course isn't the Canada I love and to ignore her warts is to do the nation a dis-service and accept mediocrity and mendacity.

If people don't start paying attention we'll all be Americans soon, without even having to move. Or maybe we'll just be slaves of the American Empire, without the benefits of "citizenship," like the Gaels under Rome.
Dear Anonymous (you'll know which Anonymous you are):

First and foremost, I send condolences for your suffering. I am deeply sorry and wish you better times soon.

Thank you for sharing part of your story, which I cannot post because you accuse Dave Basi, Rich Coleman and Gordon Campbell of crimes which, in legal terms, is libel.

Please understand that this web-site is a place for sharing information and understanding, as we lead up to a specific TRIAL IN A COURT OF LAW. That's the Canadian way. Sometimes it is very, very slow and agonizing for those involved. I'm sorry about that, too.

You tell me that you are "13 years a victim of organized rape and other hate crimes" and that no Dr will treat you for rape, torture, depression, or anxiety. I happen to know, from studies of World War Two, that there is a torture expert in Ottawa. If I can re-discover the man's name, would this help?

Please remember that Canada is NOT Gordon Campbell or Rich Coleman or Dave Basi. That's like saying a shopkeeper on Granville Street is Vancouver. No, they are two entirely different things.

You cannot hate the Canada I know and love. You cannot possibly hate its high mountains and deep rivers, its golden plains, its rocky Canadian Shield, its French nation, it's wildly beautiful northland, the Atlantic provinces and The Rock where people so easily call you "M'darlin'". That's Canada.

Yes, you are correct when you suggest that at present Canada is being governed by some cruel forces in which "terror" is being fought with "more terror" creating the kind of administrations which sometimes forget the people they're meant to serve.

It might help to remember a Canadian named Jean Vanier whose life and talent are devoted to rescuing the poor, the afflicted, the desperate. He is Canadian, born of Canadians.

I agree with you that, at this time in history, "this country is not free" and to some extent (although I hate to admit it) I pretty much agree that "this country is run by organized crime" ... or actually, "the world is run by organized crime" which scares many of us more and more ... but doesn't that bring pity and concern to your heart? To think that something as good, clean, and beautiful as Canada can be in such danger?

You've asked twice: who is the un-named person who was allowed to travel out of the country without being charged. I don't know. Wish I did know. I think you're correct to question the secrecy there.

Please don't be offended that I cannot publish your latest comment. Perhaps if you write again, and if you think of the wider audience (not just BC Mary), your story can be posted for sharing.

Meantime, I wish you strength, good health, and better times ahead. - BC Mary.

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