Saturday, November 24, 2007


Corruption case e-mails linked to premier's office

Defence in raid on legislature examining thousands of newly surfaced documents

Neal Hall
Vancouver Sun

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A pre-trial hearing involving two former B.C. government aides accused of corruption heard Friday about thousands of e-mails that were recently disclosed to defence lawyers, which reveal links to the "inner circle of the premier's office." {Snip} ...

The e-mails reveal "what high-ranking people are telling him [Bornmann]," McCullough told the judge.

Defence lawyer Michael Bolton said of the e-mails: "They pertain to the conduits of information between the inner circle of the premier's office and the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Finance . . . passing information to key members of the premier's inner circle." {Snip} ...



Could this be another ruse to try and protect the spidey guy now that the deal is (apparently) off?

(the Starchamber/Cone of Silence/Maxwell(notso)SmartSpecialProsecutor ruse I mean).

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