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Erik Bornmann "Good character" Hearing, Upper Canada Law Society ... 24 March 2008, Toronto.

Key Basi-Virk crown witness Erik Bornmann's attempts to become an Ontario lawyer will have to wait until at least March 24, 2008, writes Bill Tieleman over at his place. More details at:


Something is bothering me about this hearing.
They have set a date of March 24, 2008. Now we know that people have to look at their calendars to see when they are available but in this case the date is close to trial times for the Legislature Raids. Have they set the date to begin after the trial ends? Or, have they set the date for when they will know that Bornman(n) will or will not be a witness in this case or whether he will be charged with bribery?
In the first instance how would they know when the trial will end? I don't think they would. So that begs the question: Do they know something we don't such as a motion for mistrial? A motion by the prosecution to drop the case?
Or any other roadblocks? It becomes quite obvious that Bornmann is attempting to have a hearing scheduled after his slate is possibly wiped clean. I think that would, or could, only be done if there was no trial.
This case and all the peripherals around it only boggle the mind. It's too bad the common man couldn't get representation like this. But then again the common case doesn't have the potential to bring down a government.
Gary E, it's been bothering me too. Do you suppose that the Law Society of Upper Canada -- in Toronto -- simply doesn't know the proposed schedule for the Basi Virk Basi trial??

Stranger things have happened with information trying to leap the Rocky Mountains.

Makes you wonder, though, which hearing trumps, if the two hearings co-incide.

I'd guess that if the B.C. Supreme Court wants Bornmann, he'd be obliged to drop everything and show up.

Bill Tieleman's blog should come up with a few clues.

I think its safe to assume that there is no way on gods green earth basi and virk are going to allow bornmann to tap dance his way into becoming a member of the law society of upper canada. The case could be thrown out etc, it doesn't matter. bornmann is not going to be allowed to practice law anywhere in the western hemisphere. if he has deluded himself into thinking otherwise he is sorely mistaken. for any law society to allow a person like this to practice law it would be a new record low for lawyers.
. . . . ya but, Jim . . .

Look no further than the Law Society of BC where Ken Dobell landed as a "Lay Bencher" in 2006. . .here we have a 'political fixer' whose conduct is under scrutiny with a Special Prosecutor yet I haven't seen him resigning from this legal posting.

Be assured folks, the tentacles of the ugly beast of 'politics into every nook & cranny of our legal system' is alive & well.

This legal 'gamemanship' is a very tight club where the rules are fudged left right & centre for the members.
"for any law society to allow a person like this to practice law it would be a new record low for lawyers."

I'm with earseyeswideopen on this one. To even contemplate a "record" low for lawyers is a breathtaking undertaking. I know Bornmann is a burglar (apparently proudly self proclaimed) and alleged bribe giver
at the least. It also appears that is far from a "stand up" guy in relation to his "associates."

However I have two names to bring Mr. Man with Multiple N's at the end of his name into perspective. Two men who, as far as I know, still have their tickets to practice law - Brian Mulroney and Alberto Gonzales.

Did Pee Wee initiate an "investigation" into the "Jaw that Walk's like a Man" today as a pre-emptive attack on justice, or does he have no choice but to authorize an investigation, a genuine one? He's certainly singing a different tune today than last week.

I think if Stephen sticks with his plan though, announced today, to not interfere with the deportation process pending against Karlheinz, that would indicate to me that this investigation is a sham. I mean, shouldn't Mr. Schriber be kept available for a "real" inquiry?

Mr. Schriber has apparently already helped bring down a German head of state. Maybe in Canada he can go for the double. Perhaps Brian will rue the day he decided it was wise to engage in character assasination against Karlheinz in self defense. What goes around, comes around....

And Brian, please make out that 2.1 million dollar check "Payable to Canada Revenue Agency." Thank you.
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