Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Basi-Virk / BC Rail pre-trial hearings continue today at 10:00 AM

Government lawyer George Copley and BC Rail lawyer Robert Deane are expected to respond to defence claims in Supreme Court on Friday December 14 at 10 a.m.

More at Bill Tieleman's blog tomorrow.


I apologize for being rather slow on the uptake on this one, but.....

Is Mr. Copely working for the Deputy AG here or is it some other ('executive?) branch of the 'government?

This is an excellent question Ross. One can’t help but wonder from whom Mr. Copley, Esq. is taking direction.

By convention the whole process, from top to bottom (as certified by none other than the Premier) is entirely seconded to the Special Prosecutor, it cannot be that Mr. Copley is getting direction from him, now can it? Moreover, that same premier has told us (even though I think it’s a bit rich of him to insert his own good self so formally into the operations of the justice system in the province) that he has turned it all – along with his usual and by now quite legendary brief in favour of complete openness – to the Deputy Attorney General.

We've been assured so many times by that same worthy (Gordon Campbell) that there is absolutely nothing but 'openness' and cooperation - with a strong flavour of indifference to the outcome of this case, a burning desire for justice and complete respect for the courts and the rule of law - that it is now beyond belief that the ‘Premier’ or someone in his office could be directing Mr. George Copley (who is, by the way, a Constitutional & Administrative Law specialist) in this particular hearing.

Isn’t it?
Well folks lets not forget that with almost everything (and I mean about 95% of the statements) that has come out of this premiers mouth since they were elected back in 2001 have been the exact opposite of what he has done.

So G West, doesn't that translate 'openness' and cooperation into 'secretiveness' and stonewalling. I think so.

And we are all positive that this government doesn't want us to see the fraudelant contract selling BC Rail.
So do you suppose this means that the people of British Columbia might never be allowed to see the terms under which their publicly-owned railway passed into private hands?

This doesn't sound right.

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