Thursday, December 06, 2007


Confirmed: Thursday December 6 at 10:00 AM, doors of BC Supreme Court re-open to the public

Click on the bottom line of links provided at left: Van Court - Direct and you will be taken immediately to today's listings for BC Supreme Court at 800 Smyth Street, Vancouver.

Case #23299-1, 23299-2, and 23299-3 is Aneal Basi, Udhe (Dave) Basi, and Bobby S. Virk.

Case #23299-4 is nowhere to be seen.

Case #23299-5, however, has begun to show up without a name attached. It does show 3 interesting items: Application for records in the possession of the Province of British Columbia. The same thing is repeated twice more. That is: 3 applications for records.

Start-time is 10:00 AM. Anyone who can attend, please send us your comments. There are a lot of us waiting, trying to find out what the heck is going on. Thanks, if you can.

- BC Mary.


Well, Mary, seems that this is all a figment of our imagination because not a word was muttered this morning re: the Raid on the Leg, with the 3 little blind mice: Keith Baldrey, Vaughn Palmer & Mike Smyth on their so called "Cutting Edge of the Leg" . . . . seems the boys got their marching orders.
Express Collision Shop Said....

Good Morning Mary,

Have you read Corporal Andrew Thomas Cowan's INFORMATION TO OBTAIN A SEARCH WARRANT from September 29 2004. lately?

51. It is requested that public access to all records relating to and including the said Informant(s) to Obtain, the Search Warrant(s), the Report(s) to a Justice and the Detention Order(s) referred to in this my information to Obtain be denied for reasons that disclosure would:

a. Compromise the nature and extent of the ongoing investigation; and

b. Prejudice the interests of an innocent person(s).

The 11 page document is all about alleged monies going to the defendents from pilothouse and partners. The document is a good read and may possibly narrow down who may be one of the secret witness's.(just an armchair quarterback) It also shows some of the serious overlapping problems from the original drug investigation and where that led to. I would love to know what you think? Maybe we will here more today-keep up the good work.
Express Collision Shop Said,

Cknw just reported that Judge Bennett will allow the in camera testimony. Please let us know if it was for one or more secret witness's.
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