Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Defence lawyers seek info on sale of BC Rail

The Canadian Press - December 11, 2007

Vancouver -- Lawyers for two former government aides want access to documents police seized from their clients' legislature offices, saying important information involving former finance minister Gary Collins's involvement in the sale of B.C. Rail is needed to mount a defence.

Michael Bolton, who represents Dave Basi, told the B.C. Supreme Court yesterday that crucial information about Mr. Collins approving a consolation prize for American company OmniTRAX to stay in the bidding process is relevant to the case. {Snip} ...



This is a no brainer . . . no wonder the lead RCMP Inspector on the Raid on the Leg wanted to pursue Collins but was told not to.

I keep coming back to that direct call placed by the Solicitor General's Minsistry (when Coleman was the SG) telling the Sr. levels of the RCMP at the Asst. Dep. Commissionar level of the RCMP not to pursue Collins. Any political influence there????

No wonder Collins resigned.
Wasn't the investigation, headed up by an American authority? And the sale of BC Rail, to an American co.?
Not sure what you mean, Anon 10:00.

The investigation was headed by the RCMP.

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