Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Defence wants to hear details in corruption case


Vancouver -- Should defence attorneys be allowed to attend while prosecutors present secret information to the judge in a case involving alleged political corruption?

That's the question Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett of the Supreme Court of B.C. is expected to rule on today, after hearing arguments from the defence in a closed court. Judge Bennett went behind closed doors to hear from the defence after ruling against an application brought by media lawyers who want the session held in open court.

Lawyers, including Roger McConchie, representing The Globe and Mail, CTV and The Canadian Press, had argued for openness and the public right to know.

Judge Bennett said she is aware of the high interest in the case against Udhe Singh (Dave) Basi and Bobby Singh Virk and Aneal Basi - former government employees facing fraud, money laundering and influence peddling charges. But she said that, in order not to compromise the justice system, the Crown's presentation may have to be heard in camera [in secret].


It's been done before so lets see how the Judge handles this thing. We can't second guess her ,nor should we in my opinion. Think for a moment, would it be in her interest to try twisting this thing. The judge has been on the bench for a long time so let's let her do her job. I've mentioned before judges decisions can be appealed to a higher authority BC appeals, and finally the Supreme Court of Canada. Thuesday is not a long way away from now. The courtcase hasn't started yet, the ground rules are being debated.
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