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Oh. Basi-Virk hearings not listed today because they are "in camera". Secret.

The Adult Criminal Court Listings for today in Vancouver Supreme Court have nothing ... zero... secret or otherwise ... for Case #23299 Basi Virk Basi.

Which means, I am told, that judge and lawyers are busy as can be, behind closed doors.

- BC Mary.


I'm starting to think that we're all in some kind of convoluted Hollywood movie. Maybe we should take up a collection to allow those of you serving truth to hire bodyguards. This is getting scary.
Mary, this is probably a late addition: 23299-4 HMTQ vs Limited Access.
Under sec 496.3(2) of CCC for an order that unrepresented accused not to cross examine the witness and council be appointed to conduct the cross-examination.

Now CCC is the Criminal Code of Canada but I cannot find this section. I'll look through the Justice Dept further to see what I can find.
Do you know if its the same story for Wednesday or will the public be allowed back in? Please let us know if you have any more information.
Hi mary,A channel news v.i. ran the basi-virk trial story last night.I wrote and gave kudos and let them know i was very happy and hope to see more.some of your bloggers may wish to do the same.
anonymous 4:01,

The only surefire way of knowing if the public will be allowed back into Justice Bennett's courtroom is to check the Adult Supreme Court Listings which are available from 6:30 AM on the very day.

Just click on the link in the left-hand column of this website to get started tomorrow morning. Then select Vancouver Supreme Court.

I'm hoping Bill T. has an update on his column this evening, too.

That's good news, that finally there are media people who will try to make the Basi-Virk story more understandable to the public.

Did you think it was well done? Fair?

I'm really glad to know that you gave Chanel A, v.i. thanks for the effort. It means a lot.

I can't find any listing of the Basi case on the adult supreme court listings. Can I assume that today will once more be in camera?
Hi mary,yes the news story on A chanel was fair.They talked about being kicked out of the court room becouse of the secret witnesses,and talked to two of the lawyers,how they thought there were very strange things going on.It seemed to give out good info for this small but very important part of the story and what could be told in a minute or two.I hope to see more.
Anonymous 7:14,

The only public access to this information -- whether or not a case is coming up in court -- is by going to the Adult Criminal Court Listings, as you did.

If it is, the whole thing is shown: Case #23299, names of the Accused, the charges against them, etc.

But if it's a SECRET SESSION, apparently there's not a doggone thing to guide us.

Normally, when nothing is listed, it means nothing is happening. But not yesterday. Not today.

Yesterday and today it has meant that there's a very weird piece of judicial history being made in B.C. Supreme Court which makes many of us uncomfortable.

Actually, imo it's a downright insult that there's nothing but a stonewall-blank when, in fact, court WAS in session. The big important difference: the public was locked out.

The only way we can normally access that Supreme Court Listing in its bothersome pdf format is on the very day.

So tomorrow morning, December 6, 2007, at 6:30 AM, that information will show up specifically for that one day: tomorrow, December 6. Maybe. God willing. E&OE.

I try to catch that list at 6:30 on a day when we expect a session. Then I confirm the date, time, place immediately on this web-site, so that people have half a chance to grab their coat and tuque and get to The Law Courts building at 800 Smyth Street, Vancouver.

Anyone with a computer can do that for themselves by clicking on the link provided in the left-hand column of this page, the bottom line: Van-direct. And voila, it opens right up. OK?

It's a lousy system, I agree, and there's no way it can work if your computer is at the Public Library or an Internet Cafe. But it's all we've got, at this critical time.

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