Sunday, December 09, 2007


Who cares about Omid Tahvili?

I don't know if my astute readers can see the Visitors Counter operating in the left-hand margin of The Legislature Raids web-site.

It's a nifty device installed by Kootcoot (thanks again, Koot) which tells me how many people look at this blog each day. (Readers may be interested to know that the total since start-up is 39,189 visitors.)

Then once a week, like all bloggers on all blogs, I receive a statistical summary of what it all means. How many visits from Canada. How many from the U.S. How many from England and Australia. Last week, 2 from India. This much I understand. But from there, not so much ...

Week after week, I stare at the rest of these "statistics" as cows watch passing trains, understanding nothing.

The most popular story, the Visitor Statistics always say, is about "BC Mary". Well, get serious, guys. There are no stories about BC Mary. They pick 2 other stories for #2 and #3.

For the past 4 weeks, the name of "Omid Tavili" shows up as a popular choice. Today, covering the week December 2 - 9, 2007, this name is more so than ever despite the fact that the guy is never mentioned again after the TLR posting "Kingpin of Organized Crime Finally Convicted". Today the Statistical Summary gives the #2 most-visited spot to omid tahvili, and #3 to Omid Tahvili.

First time that name appeared on the visitors count listings, I had to look it up myself on TLR and found that it's mentioned only briefly in a posting on organized crime. (He escaped, with the help of a prison-guard, from a BC correctional centre near Vancouver.)

As readers well know, lots of people are mentioned in published articles which get posted in part on TLR. Their names never appear on these statistical lists.

But week after week, this Omid Tahvili gathers visits, then more visits, even though nothing more was said on my blog about this incident.

So call me paranoid if you wish (that's for you, Anon 6:37, Dec. 7) but I have to wonder why people out in cyberspace have apparently linked Omid Tahvili + Organized Crime with The Legislature Raids.

What, if anything, do you make of it?? And if you think this is sheer co-incidence, tell us that, too. OK? - BC Mary.


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