Thursday, January 31, 2008


Basi Virk pre-trial resumes today in BC Supreme Court, start-time 10:00 AM

Thursday, January 31, 2008 ... be there, if you can, so you can tell your grandchildren "Yes, I was there, in Courtroom 54 of The Law Courts building in Vancouver. Oh yes, I was there. I saw the famous Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett. I saw the Defence Team of Bolton, McCullough, and Doyle. I even caught a glimpse of the Special Prosecutor Bill Berardino!! And Winteringham! And Copley! And MacKay!

"And yes, I was there when ..." and may the Saints preserve her " ... when the famous Judge ruled that, yes indeed, the historic trial would begin as everyone had hoped, on Monday, March 17, 2008 in that very courtroom! Yes, I was there ...! "

- BC Mary.

I just thought of something. When Justice Bennett asked Janet Winteringham if she knew anything about how the mystery hard drive found its way into the court registry, she couldn't ask Bill Berardino the same question. He was conveniently absent from court that day.
Anonymous 9:06,

Lawyers take such pride in their professional courtesies, I marvel that apologies are never offered for the non-appearance of the main guy in this trial.

For Bill Berardino to simply go missing without explanation seems to me like elementary rudeness.

How much chit-chat goes on between judge and lawyers behind the scenes when a trial is under way? I always thought: zero; that it's all done in open court. Wrong??

Not for Distribution: Many thanks for your comment and report. I really hope you will write again, and explain these things again, as others need to know what you saw.

It sounds to me like the early phase of a new set of "running orders".

Mary, your "not for distibution" comment just above is on your site.

Maybe some new jems will come from todays appearancs.
Anyone who bothered to attend today's half day court session will not be able to tell their grandchildren that they saw Bill Berardino. AWOL Bill was missing again as was Ms MacKay and Mr. St Pierre. Ms Winteringham was the sole representative of the crown in attendance. Court is adjourned until Monday February 18th at 9am for a one hour session. So don't sleep in.
Anonymous 4:30,

Many thanks for sending us your eye-witness report, depressing though it may be. We appreciate the news very much.

But ... dammit, this is outrageous!!

We actually get a 1-hour session if we wait almost 3 more weeks?! Oh fortunate peasants of British Columbia!

Whatever happened to Judge Bennett's avowal to stay in Courtroom 54 "as long as it takes" to get this trial underway?

This is beyond a joke, beyond weird. This is deeply troubling.

So much for telling our grandchildren that we were there, eh?


Curiouser and curiouser - but it pretty well defines how this case has proceeded or "not proceeded" so far.

....and the BC Legislature is still "conveniently" adjourned. Quelle surprise.

...and April 1, April Fool's Day, still looms.

I'm wondering right along with you, BC Mary, as to the exact meaning of "as long as it takes" according to - and on Judge Bennett's "watch".
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