Thursday, January 10, 2008


CKNW lingo: "snailski" ???

This rare CKNW item commenting on the police raid on the B.C. Legislature is posted here for three reasons:

* it is unusual for B.C.'s corporate media to mention this historic event,

* it is even more unusual for B.C.'s corporate press to mention the NDP without adding a slur,

* perhaps someone can explain what "snailski" means.

BC Mary truly does not wish to leap to the wrong conclusion. The word appears in two places online, as shown.

It would be reassuring to think that CKNW is belatedly giving B.C.'s opposition an opportunity to speak on this important topic. Without sly digs. Is that too much to ask in a civil society?

- BC Mary.

Astute readers will have seen our commentor's explanation: it's a X#!&@%!! no-class way of inserting advertising into a news headline.

Raid on Legislature case proceeds at snailski's pace
Jan, 10 2008 - 12:10 AM

VANCOUVER/CKNW(AM980) - The NDP is accusing the Campbell Government of breaking its promise of openness and transparency in the trial of three former officials charged in connection with the raid on the Legislature.

Critic Leonard Krog is calling on the Government to drop its efforts to withhold cabinet documents from the defence, "You know, this was not a second hand or second rate grow-op that got raided, this was the Legislature of British Columbia, Cabinet Ministers' offices were searched. Surely, surely the public interest says everything should be out in the open."

The latest pre-trial hearing for David Basi, Aneal Basi and Bobby Virk has been put over from today until next Monday.


i was wondering the same. it's the second time in two days i've seen the word. it doesn't appear in the Merriam-Webster or the Oxford, but check out

still doesn't explain why CKNW used it.

Well, thanks! I got a chuckle out of the song:

"Take your time ... this could be THE END ..."

... and "Help me to pretend" etc.

SNAILSKI: 'the wheels of justice moves slowly, but they're all going down'... campbell/coleman, 'I won't see you in heaven, but I'll see you two, to hell'... and the people have a new song to sing.
The Snailski's - advertising from Shaw Cable for high speed internet. Don and Sharon Snailski - their motto is "We don't do fast". Ironically when you go to the CKNW website, an advertisement for Shaw Cable pops up.

Thanks. Yes, really thanks ...

even though I'd like to punch him and her in the nose for trickery with the news ...

jeez, yuck, to think I was helping to advertise for CKNW. Barrrff!!!

What kind of integrity is that.

Grumble, grrrrrrowl ...

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