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Excerpted from David Schreck's "Strategic Thoughts":

... The spring 2008 session of the legislature will likely be the last full session before the May 12, 2009 election. As was the case in 2006, a fall session will probably be skipped, and as was the case in 2005, the spring session before the election will likely be "recessed" as soon as interim spending authority is passed. That makes the session that will be held between February 12, 2008 and May 29, 2008 particularly important. {Snip} ...

Governments of all stripes in all jurisdictions try to set the political agenda, but stuff happens. Fallout from the yet-to-be-held trial following the raid on the legislature is but one example of something that could derail the best laid plans in the Premier's Office. Dozens of surprises may make 2008 increasingly interesting as the days lengthen.

Sincere thanks to David Schreck for generous permission to quote from his web-site, Strategic Thoughts, and to pass along his startling reminder that the Basi-Virk-Basi / BCRail trial may not get under way before the next elections (both federal and provincial). Shocking! Because the evidence at this trial is very much related to the kind of choices voters must make at both the next elections. - BC Mary.


The lack of respect for Parliament and the Legislature shown by both the Harpo Cons and the Campbell Lieberal Government is just another symptom of the "Americanization" of Canada, in this case Canadian Politics.

The move toward "fixed" election dates, which lends itself to a greater cycle of choreography (look at Election 2008 in USA for an example). I thought Hapless Harpo was especially arrogant to announce "fixed" election dates sitting there with his minority caucus of dinosaurs. It won't be long until "fixed" dates for elections just naturally evolve into "fixed" elections, like they have to our south. Will Canadians care when their elections start being orchestrated and stolen, like Mexicans and Kenyans, or will they just drop by Burger King on their way to Wal-Mart, accepting the lies and shaking their head saying, "what can you do?"

If Harper had effective opposition, someone, when he announced his American Style fixed election dates, would have said, "in your dreams, buddy!"
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