Wednesday, January 30, 2008


No BC Supreme Court listings today (Wed., Jan. 30) for Basi Virk Basi

George Copley looks a lot like a leprechaun. What if he really is a leprechaun? That would explain the hard drives nobody knew about suddenly appearing in the registry where no one expeced it to be.
George Copley looks a lot like a leprechaun. Maybe he really is a leprechaun. That would explain how that hard drive nobody knew about turned up in the court registry where it know one expected it to be.
According to the Completed Court listings for yesterday, Lady Liz and the layabouts gather for some more Kabuki tomorrow in the AM.

I'll guess someone will discover a heretofore unseen floppy disk of questionable provenance - just so Neal, Bill and the rest of the choir have something to sing about......

GM is working on his next titillating bedroom scene with Big Dave and the houri......trying to clean it up (or down) to an "R"rating instead of Ecchhhh!
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