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Raid on the legislature snapshot 2004 by Robbins Research updated 2007

A random telephone survey of 375 British Columbians between
January 2 and 3, 2004 including 200 from the lower mainland of British
Columbia, 120 from the North and Interior including the Okanagan
Region, Northern Region, and Kootenay Region, as well as 55 from
North, Mid and Southern Vancouver Island.

This survey features a margin of error of between 2-5%, 18 times
out of 20, @ 97% competency (owing to the fact that respondents
were 'voters').

Question #1
Are you confident in, and do you trust the justice system including
Judges in British Columbia?

Yes - 34 %

No - 41 %

Question #2
Which of the following statements BEST depicts how you see Finance

Minister Gary Collins role in the raid on the BC Legislature?

He is not telling the truth, he knows more than he is letting on
- 56 %

Just like Mr. Collins says 'this is a complete surprise to him'
- 26 %

- 18 %

Question #3
In your opinion should BC Supreme Court Justice Dohm unseal the

police warrants which led to the raid on the BC Legislature, and

allow the Media and the Public to see the information and

allegations which led to the warrants being granted in the first


Yes - 81 %

No - 15 %

Not Sure - 4 %

Question #4
Do you trust BC Liberal Attorney General Geoff Plant?

Yes - 32 %

No - 53 %

Undecided - 15 %

Question #5
The Attorney General's Office has appointed a special prosecutor to

the matter involving the raid on the BC Legislature and the

documents presently before the Courts. The Special Prosecutor

comes from the same law firm as Attorney General Geoff Plant. In

your opinion is there a conflict of interest between the Attorney

General and appointment of the Special Prosecutor?

Yes - 77 %

No - 18 %

Don't Know - 5 %

Question #6
In your opinion would it be better to have an Attorney General who is:

A lawyer and member of the BC Law Society - 24 %

A non lawyer who is not a member of the BC Law Society - 67 %

Undecided - 9 %

Commentary [by Glen Robbins]

Commentary (original) The respondents in this Railgate survey are
disturbed at the events unfolding before them. Confidence in our
institutions particularly the Courts and our Parliament are hanging
precariously in the balance. Gary Collins does not draw high trust
numbers, primarily because Premier Campbell and his party the BC
Liberals do not.

Most of the respondents were of the opinion that Gary Collins knew
more than he was saying. This would contradict public statements
by Mr. Collins wherein he asserted that the raid "was a surprise to

British Columbians want to see the contents of the warrants which
led up to the raid on the BC Legislature. During the course of the
survey Supreme Court Justice Dohm Ordered that the warrants remain
under Court Seal for another two weeks until 'protocols' have been
put in place.

British Columbians want a non lawyer as Attorney General. They
understand that there ought to be separation between Church and
State, and that there should also be separation between
Parliament and the Courts.

Addendum June 7, 2007 [by Glen Robbins]

Obviously this ROBBINS poll of nearly 3 three years ago will be
vindicated in the coming months as BC Supreme Court Justice Bennett
has provided the Basi/Virk defence lawyers with an unprecedented
sweeping Order for all documents, emails etc. relating to this

It appears the Courts want to break the 'hold' that Parliament has
had on them for years and the opportunity in 2004 to protect the
BC Liberals for the 2005 general provincial election.

The Courts, the Police, and Parliament (maybe the press too) are
currently fighting over who has the 'most of the least' credibility
with BC citizens.

BC Supreme Court Justice Dohm's law partner is Mobina Jaffer who
ran in the general federal election in 1997 and who was made a
Senator a few years later.

This case was 'held up' for no good reason for much too long, and
it appears to any right thinking individual that the BC Supreme
Court must have played an unnecessary role in the delays.

Will Madame Justice Bennett's sweeping Order include emails,
correspondence etc between Chief Justice Patrick Dohm, then-
Attorney General Geoff Plant, or former Justice and now BC Liberal
Attorney General Wally Oppal.

If a sweeping Order is necessary now, why did Justice Dohm close
this file up so tight three years ago?

The public deserves full and complete answers to ALL of these questions.

Special thanks to Glen Robbins of Robbins Research for generous permission to reprint this entire snapshot from 4 years ago. Much appreciated, Glen.

- BC Mary.


Hi mary,i for one would like to see more of these surveys to find out where the public stands on awareness to this corrupt campbell goverment.I would really like to know how much damage the media has done in this case(a betrayal to the people of bc) and to see if the media will pay a price when all becomes clear.Mybe boycotts would be appropriate.
Pat Dohm is the Associate-Justice of Donald Brenner, that Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and pal of the AG, Wally Oppal. Pat Dohm was assigned the Millard-Walls corruption case, and kept those well connected kleptos out of prison. Elizabeth Bennett is a former Crown attorney who appealed sentencing of private individuals, to the Supreme Court of Canada, while an attorney. I have yet to see a single case where an non connected individual benefitted from either the attorney or crown work of Bennett. The DART legal database reveals no published decision by Don Brenner, that indicates representation for a private individual, since 1974. Don Brenner intervenes in 100% of SCBC cases where individuals claim damages against the province. In fact, he did that 2 weeks ago in Kotai v BC Ferries, et al in the "Queen of the North" suit. Donald Brenner excluded public participation in the sham "BC Justice Review" process.

There are reasons why injured persons are losing 100% of lawsuits against government officials and officers of the court in this province; and law and fact have absolutely nothing to do with it.

Judges are not appointed at the zenith of a legal career; they are appointed in the midst of burnout, viz the case-billing mill. When they are at the nadir of middle age - and powerless - they are suddenly empowered with a privilege of finding fact, in face of a declining capacity to plead same. Consequence: they are extremely grateful to their government saviors, and hold unshakeable loyalty to same.

Are judges "independent." Take the case of the origin of judicial review of legislation. In 1803, the Supreme Court of the US decided the "Marbury" case. They found: remedy must follow a finding of right, notwithstanding an absence of statutory authority to do so. It may sound good, until you learn that Marbury was a judge, and the high court was serving the private interests of one of their own. Fast forward to 1857 when that same court had a pro-slavery majority. Faced with upholding the liberty of an escaped slave, in the "Dred Scot" case, that court injected the fiction that the negro is "an inferior sort of being," so that they could use judicial power to confer private benefit onto their patrons. Where they have a pimp, judges are whores.

Can't happen here? Didn't the BC Bench omit consideration of exculpatory evidence that would have exhonerated a former BC Premier, who media-business elites wanted out of office, and forced him to take his refutation by proof of quid pro quo in a "trust" relation, to court, in face of conviction-by-media? Didn't Sikh AG, Oppal, refuse comment on the Sikh-Sikh-Sikh case, while copiously championing the RCMP for their whitewash of the Ian Bush shooting?

You can trust a BC judge as far as you can spit against a hurricane.
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