Monday, January 07, 2008


Today Mon., January 7 at 10:00 AM

the game of cat-and-mouse continues ... and the Supreme Court listings show that Case #23299 for Basi Virk Basi will be in session today, Monday 7 January 2008 ... and not 8 January. Ha ha ha. Good one. Not. - BC Mary.
Here's another good one. BC Mary's eyes lit up as she thought "Aha, CanWest has something on the Basi Virk Appeal story ..." Here's what opened up online:

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***** New Story *****

Vancouver Sun
Published: Monday, January 07, 2008


© The Vancouver Sun 2008

Ha ha ha. Not.

My God! Another Lapointe moment.
Now that is what I call really, transparent reporting by Canwest, Mary!!!
ears, Serenity:

You're right.

Who needs a Comics Section when we have this kind of wingding No Text reportage.

What's more, today I received a phone call from a jolly guy representing CanWest. He had a SPECIAL OFFER of only the Sunday paper @ half price!!!!!! What a deal. Although half of what, he didn't say.

I shoulda taken him up on it.

Imagine, not having to read that stuff all week, as I do now on a full subscription.

Admirable businessmen, though. Ha ha ha.

But Mary, don't you recognize this? It's your promised piece from The Sun. Guess they wrote it and forgot to publish it.
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