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Citizens Alert! It ain't over 'til it's over


CanWest News Service: Saturday, February 09, 2008

TORONTO -- Crown attorneys in Toronto will appeal the staying of corruption charges against six police officers. Ontario Attorney General Chris Bentley has faced mounting pressure to call a public inquiry after a judge stayed all charges against the officers on Jan. 31, citing unreasonable delays by the Crown. The drug squad officers were facing more than 30 charges in what was described as "the largest police corruption scandal known in Canadian history." The charges were laid more than four years ago.

Whew. It's important to know this, don't you think? - BC Mary.


I think it would be one thing to appeal stayed charges against police and completely another to do the same in a hypothetical situation involving an actual government. In the BC rail case allegations have led to possible involvement of Minister(s)
Given the actions of this government I think it would be highly unlikely that the attorney general would appeal.
In this province one of two things could happen. The government would say "end of discussion" or stall an appeal until after an election.
And given that which has transpired so far I beleive if an appeal was to happen there would only be more of the same. Delays. Stalling.
gary E, I can't accept your conclusions.

The appeal wouldn't be against "the government" ... it would be based upon the Basi-Virk-Basi Case #23299 as we know it.

And as far as anybody (including governments) trying to stall or shut down an appeal ... this is where the Citizens enter. And in my view, citizens are now confronted by the necessity to make their concerns heard.

So, come on, gary e. Rip that brown paper bag off your head. Even with the eye-holes, you aren't seeing the big picture.

Have another look at what Ontario citizens did, to get that big case BACK in court.

BC citizens can't give up now.

Hi Mary
Nice to see you disagree. But even with a brown paper bag with eyeholes all I see in this big picture is a government full of lies. A railway that was SOLD out from under us and 3 people in my estimation hung out to dry. Everything brought forward in the pre trial hearings so far has indicated that more than these three are involved. We see every day some sort of legal manoeuvering by government lawyers, who I am not so sure should even be in the courtroom. If I am wrong someone please tell me where. Then, even you question why the Special Prosecutor is rarely present in court. Does the act say that a special prosecutor, or a special prosecutors OFFICE is appointed? Is the Special Prosecutor an arm of the government or is he independant? Is his job to represent the people of BC. And I'm sorry Mary, although you and I are concerned Citizens of this province along with a few others (not many)the majority population are people who either sit on their hands or state "why should I get involved it doesn't concern me?" No Mary, I do see a big picture here and we are getting the shaft every day by the outright lying this government does,
and the handouts to their big business friends It may not be the same picture you or others see, but it is the one I see.

I just hope that I am wrong. And I further hope that a few more of our citizens will get off their collective arses and start to do something about this Rail case and now the things going on with the Ferries. Even if it is only responding to your blog.
Gary - I hate to admit it, but I have to agree with you to a point. Mary is right when she says the Government is not the accused. BUT can you see Bubbles okaying an appeal when his butt could and likely is, in the fire? Stonewally cannot do anything without the Kings approval, and would he WANT to. I used to think he was a fairly straight Judge, as far as Judges go, but I have no longer a nats ass of faith in him. Bye the way, I have sent all of these news outlets (blogs) to most every one on my mailing list. I hope they tune in. Also, have you read the article on Bubbles in The Republic?
Actually the charges in Schertzer et al, were entered 8 years ago, then withdrawn and re-entered to reflect the larger investigation. Cops - and not only the Toronto Police Service cops - are routinely claiming privilege, in order to coverup up wrongdoing. Here is judge's decision on quashing the indictment. It is subject to both judicial review - Ontario has an intermediate court (Divisional) that has review jurisdiction - and appeal. The quash was entered after Schertzer's attorney filed a 2-foot tall stack of Charter defence material. The judge had enough.

From what I learned, a target accused the 6 of an illegal entry and thefts of his property. Two cops were prepared to verify his story. So why is the judiciary entertaining all sorts of Motions? EVERY Trudeau publication in favour of the Charter peddled it as a means of limiting government power; it shouldn't apply to government agents. However, even a cursory review of BC Provincial Court records reveals that Charter defences are overthrown in 95% of cases. Our judiciary - overrepresented by former prosecutors and Crown attornies - routinely says: although there was a breach in Charter rights, these were not so severe as to effect procedure, and enforcing the right would reduce the reputation of justice.

I have absolutely NO doubt that CJ Brenner appoints Charter nullifiers, whenever one of the privileged class is subject to the rule of law.

If a cop might be corrupt, would it not be sensible to settle that question as soon as possible? Cops have a power to exclude us from our own residences. Who the hell wants to wait 10 years for the judiciary to enter a judgment that should have been rendered in 10 days? As for the judiciary, the Cosgrove complaint case has floated for almost 10 years, and is nowhere near at an end. That is not justice. That is usurpation of the rule of law. BC justice is in chains.
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