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CN executives miss out on annual bonuses ... they only made a lousy $2.16 Billion last year

which was the highest among the Big Six North American carriers, but they [sob!] missed their financial targets!!

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Being a CEO is a rough life. Be inept and they fire you with a big package. Did you notice the profits of the banks lately?
And meanwhile their trainset continues to fall off the rails. I found this yesterday in the Prince George Citizen whilst looking for something else entirely.

CP grain cars derail near Vancouver cutting rail commuter link during snowstorm
(BC News) Friday, 01 February 2008, 10:00 PST

VANCOUVER - Twelve cars of a westbound CP Rail grain train have derailed in Metro Vancouver.

The cars jumped the tracks shortly after 2 a.m. local time in an industrial area on the shores of Burrard Inlet, just east of the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge on the boundary between Vancouver and Burnaby.

A CP spokeswoman says no one has been hurt and a crew is on the scene assessing the situation.

While it's not believed the derailment has caused any environmental damage, it is already causing chaos for morning commuters.

The CP tracks are shared by the West Coast Express commuter train and the derailment means passengers will have to transfer to buses or Skytrain for the remainder of the trip into downtown Vancouver.

The change will put additional loads on a bus system already taxed to the limit by a morning snowstorm that has blanketed the Lower Mainland with between five and 15 centimetres of snow.

Another oops. Geo
Thanks, Georgine.

Well, at least this time it wasn't CN, eh?

I wonder if CN will be profitable once they have to pay the cost of all the derailments they had in 2007.
When I lived in Maple Ridge I would take the Westcoast Express everyday (yes it has a "snooze" car). The line had to pay for rail use, and was at mercy of the nationals. Big-Rail takes; they don't give.
CN Executive Suite Lexicon:

$2.16 Billion = Chump Change!

Meanwhile over at Exxon, $40+ Billion creates a temporrty respite from the gnashing and whining, until the next time someone important mentions fossil fuels and their contribution to environmental disaster.
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