Monday, February 25, 2008


NDP allege Campbell misled legislature

Opposition New Democrats allege Campbell misled legislature on raid documents

Dirk Meissner
THE CANADIAN PRESS - February 25, 2008

VICTORIA - British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell should apologize for misleading the legislature about government documents related to the controversial 2003 raid on the legislature, say the Opposition New Democrats. {Snip} ...

Under Opposition questioning last spring, Campbell told the legislature that his office was not directly involved in reviewing any documents related to the upcoming trial.

Now the New Democrats claim there was a government protocol in place that permitted the cabinet secretary to review documents.

NDP member Leonard Krog submitted a motion to the Select Standing Committee on Parliamentary Reform and Ethical Conduct on Monday asking the committee to force Campbell to apologize to the legislature for the misleading statements made last May.

"The premier knowingly misled the house on May 28, 2007 by stating that the premier's office was not involved in the review of documents when he knew that a process that included the premier's office was in place since 2004 and continued until at least July 2007," said Krog's notice of motion.

Outside of the legislature Krog was not as forceful, saying "the premier has something to answer for."

See also the HANSARD record of debate shown in Comments section of BC Rail Scandal's 'Moment of Truth' (below).

It looks as if the Basi-Virk story "has legs" at long last. It's nice to see that this Meissner article is also being picked up by others, such as:


For anyone who didn't know, this turned out exactly as one would expect. Mr. Campbell, of course, did nothing wrong, Speaker Berisoff said so. Perhaps Leonard Krog can be forgiven for momentarily forgetting that these guys, after all, define "right and wrong," mainly based on what they do.

If they did it, it's right. If the NDP did it, it's wrong. If we would all just quit being stubborn and get with the program, things would be so much simpler.

Having the Speaker (who after all is a party member) decide everything, is like the Canucks getting to have their own healthy scratches be the refs and linesmen at their hockey games.

If Lady Barby the "Amiable" Black was hearing Conrad's appeal to remain free on bail, I doubt he would be having to report to Boystown on Monday, unless she's mad at him about something, of course!
Hi Mary,

Good point kooycoot, or this is a lot like the RCMP investigating the RCMP.

The outcome is predictable
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