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Winds of change ...

Nice e.mail this morning from Lucinda Chodan, Editor-in-Chief, granting permission to post today's TC editorial after a two-day wait period (until it is off their site). If you receive Victoria Times Colonist, look for a good commentary titled BC Rail Trial openness needed. Its conclusion:

The government should abandon its attempts at secrecy, waive its claims to privilege and release the evidence. The court could then do its job, the three defendants can receive a fair trial and the public can finally get answers.

Meantime, there's a quite different story by Keith Baldrey in Burnaby Now. Actually, it was a good column, too, except for the 3 poisonous paragraphs inserted into the middle of it. Why do people set their hair alight this way? It hurt my feelings, I'll tell ya. Here's what BC Mary said:

Date: Wed Feb 6, 2008
To: Keith ((Global BC)) Baldrey
Subject: Just a darn minute, Keith!

By Keith Baldrey
Burnaby Now - February 06, 2008

Hi Keith,

Doggone it, that was a rotten thing to say about my work -- and I assume you must mean BC Mary who for the past 2 years has tried to fill the information gaps on the important issue of what happened to BCRail. Your column would have come across so well, if only you had left this out:

... The [BCRail] case has even attracted a cult-like following of conspiracy buffs, who have convinced themselves the trial will eventually and inevitably reveal the true satanic qualities of the B.C. Liberal government and particularly of Premier Gordon Campbell himself.

On various Internet websites (Google "Basi-Virk" and you'll find them), these conspiracy buffs continually work themselves into a lather about how every procedural delay in the trial is really proof of a government-run conspiracy. Most of them are stunningly ignorant of how the justice system works (or doesn't work), but their rants and ramblings are actually fairly entertaining.

For these paranoid ideologues, anyone who disagrees with them is the enemy, and nothing short of a charge of treason against Campbell will satisfy them. But while these deep-rooted fantasies may be slightly wide of the mark, that doesn't mean the B.C. Liberals can breathe easy.

First of all, there aren't that many blogs dedicated to the BCRail Case. Mine is the busiest (almost 500 postings in almost 2 years) and from Day One I have insisted that the site be non-partisan so that readers of any political persuasion could inform themselves without being offended.

You brush that aside.

I've never hesitated to use the DELETE button if somebody begins a tirade. Like yours, for example.

And so you call us "paranoid ideologues". Huh?

You speak of a "cult-like following" ... hello? ... of "conspiracy buffs" ... what conspiracy? ... who "continually work themselves into a lather" ... wha-a-att? ... over "every procedural delay".

I do roast those who, in a democratic society, advocate sitting quietly, hands folded, bag over head, waiting to accept the royal pronouncements ... and Keith, I think you just won membership in that elite club.

But if the Basi-Virk case has taught me one lesson, it's this: that citizens must take a more active role in governing their province. It can't be left to the bean-counters and empire-builders any more. Now you come across like Joe McCarthy of 60 years ago.

I very much regret that you've tried to ridicule the very people who are most concerned, and most willing to understand this complex case. You've crapped on your own work, Keith. It could've been good, except for that.

BC Mary
The Legislature Raids

I think that both Lucinda and Keith deserve to hear from others on these two very different approaches. Without transgressing, I hope it's OK for me to report that Ms Chodan told me she "will be happy to have TC material on your site". I like that a lot. Class act, if you ask me. But Keith ... I dunno. - BC Mary.


Hi Mary

I'm pleased that Lucinda Chodan has taken the time to advise you that you can use their material on this site.

As for Keith Baldry. Keith I know you are reading this. Keith, my question to you is whay does it take you so long to report on the events in this trial? And further why is it that you have to insert some kind of smear into your columns usually inferring that it is others paranoia or the NDP's fault that things are going astray for your political masters?
As Mary has stated Everyone gets to post here. Unlike the situation at any MSM sites. And I can attest to her deleting tirades. She has deleted two of mine with good reason.
After reading the insertion you put in your column I realized that the things you said,(accusing others of being paranoid etc)I had read in either another blog or as a readers response in another blog. And I'm fairly sure it wasn't written by you. I am searching for it now. And I can't state here where I think I read it until I have the proof.
Mary these statements really suck big time. Had you read any of these comments before?
Mary, you finished with:

"I very much regret that you've tried to ridicule the very people who are most concerned, and most willing to understand this complex case. You've crapped on your own work, Keith. It could've been good, except for that.

I don't know how good the rest of carrot head's piece was. I was so insulted and infuriated by his gall in writing the part you discussed that I just posted my thoughts on his lack of class at the House of Infamy.

How did he become qualified to be the judge of coverage of an issue he has gone to great pains to ignore or belittle?
What a hack Baldry is.
Hi Mary,

I think baldrey has done a wonderful thing here. Besides looking like an over the top hack, this will ultimately backfire on him.

Baldery said to the people of BC, come on, come see the crazy people. But when they do come and look and read and learn they will see that it is baldrey that is off the mark.

This is free advertising for the public to take part and understand what happened the there BC rail.

There are many questions that need answering and I feeling that the beady-eyed baldery just helped that cause
"The [BCRail] case has even attracted a cult-like following of conspiracy buffs"

Uhhh, if the accusations in the Basi-Virk trial prove to true (or even partly true) wouldn't that mean there is a conspiracy at play here?

Maybe Baldrey believes it's not a conspiracy unless a deck is involved.
Keith, this lashing out at innocent people, is only going to cause further aggravation to your twitching eye condition.
It's interesting that the column of Baldrey's you're referring to (minus these three stupid and unfair paragraphs) ran the day before in the Richmond News. How disrespectful and small minded of him to comment so disparagingly, condescendingly, and dismissively upon your website, which he has obviously used for research (given that the concerns he expresses are pretty much the same ones I read about here on an ongoing basis). Thanks to your ethical motivation and great dilligence, Mary, this unpleasant Legislature Raid tale can't simply be suppressed. I hope that, as BC'ers and Canadians finally become aware of the details re: BC Rail/Basi-Virk etc. they will become angry with the mainstream media for not having had the decency to report such significant developments as they have unfolded. It is increasingly obvious that we all need to turn to alternate news sources if we wish to be accurately informed of what is going on around us.

I don't recall reading any comments here that have referred to Campbell or his government as "satanic," nor have I heard the word "treason" bandied about. Baldrey should be ashamed of himself for such inflammatory language and behaviour, especially given the power he enjoys as a media voice. What arrogance!

Kind of makes one wonder if Mr. Baldrey is also taking a swipe at that noted cultist and conspiracy nutbar Mr. Palmer as well.


In my opinion this is laughable in the extreme.

After all, as has been noted here and elsewhere before, Mr Baldrey is on the record as stating that the Basi Virk trial is of little importance because all of the government-types that were intimately involved are no longer actually in the government.

The irony of a position like that (ie. why did they leave in the first place?) appears, apparently, to be lost on Mr. Baldrey.



Maybe Baldrey is attempting reverse psychologhy here? To sniff out insider info. This 'theroy' would be that he NOW KNOWS, there is more here, then meets the eye!Since Gordo IS a false prophet who keeps those on his team outside the loop!) Baldrey now wants in...
In a coverup, concealment is means to the end of secrecy. Big Media are not fleshing out this story. What is the point of saying somebody SHOULD disclose, when Big Media are keeping their readers in the dark? I know the rule - IF IT BLEEDS, IT LEADS - however, Canwest flotation of perma-crime-wave balloons, obscures real issues, like the need for honest government. Canwest editorials are verbal flatulence, at best. If the Aspers didn't support Israel, I wouldn't even read their rags.
Keith props the lie that journalists should serve as player pianos to governments. It is a lie because unless given a reason to disclose, governments conceal. To defend concealment is to lie. No real journalist would even condone concealment, especially where answer-in-defence of criminal charges is at issue. Keith has done nothing to publicize the fact that all exculpatory evidence must be presented in court. By attacking those who support a fair trial, he reveals his partiality.

Clearly, he likes Gordon Campbell, warts and all. If he was in Hawaii when Gordo was driving over the centre-line, it is lucky that he and his loved ones weren't killed in a head on collision.

I suspect that Keith has framed Gordo's smiling at justice in his mug shot. I guess the law is only for the elites, like the "journalists" who refuse to subject our drunk driving premier to the rule of law.

Finally, Keith's attacks here are ad hominem. We get it: make a substantiable complaint against my Gordo, and I will go on the attack you personally, by using characterizations, void of substance. Maybe Gordo will give Keith a job. He's got the creds.
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