Friday, March 28, 2008


BC Solicitor General has resigned

Bill Tieleman has breaking news ...

Les is no more - Solicitor General John Les resigns - under investigation by Special Prosecutor in connection with land deal when Chilliwack Mayor

BC Liberal Solicitor General John Les has resigned this evening.

Les is under investigation by a Special Prosecutor in connections with allegations about land deals which took place in Chilliwack when Les was mayor there from 1987 to 1999, CBC News is reporting.

Special Prosecutor Robin McFee was apparently appointed last June but the appointment was only confirmed today after CBC News made inquiries.

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Gosh I might or might not ask questions but as Stonewally likes to say,the courts could get involved. Shoud be interesting when the house gets back in session. DPL
Good article about Les.He did the right thing but I do find it strange it took so long to find out he was being investigated
The Globe & Mail article alluded (linked) to in your post ends with the line (describing Mr. Les):

"Before entering politics full time, he was a successful land developer."

What a surprise that he would turn up as a cabinet minister in the Gordon Campbell Government, you know, with a background like that and all. Maybe if he has to leave government he could find a position in the modern day Forest Industry.
I guess you could say that when it comes members of the Campbell government under suscipicion, "Les is (one) More"!
I guess you could say that when it comes members of the Campbell government under suscipicion, "Les is (one) More"!
I bet the next sol/gen, carefully choosen will do the hide and seek game. When Les returns he will be none the wiser... They strike again, just watch!
And just take a guess which media member Mr. Les called first to give him the 'straight goods'......?

Details at my place.

Jeez, I'm sure no one was surprised to hear Mr. Les assert the following:
"I know I have nothing to hide, nothing to apologize for."


"Apparently, someone is alleging something or other, and it's got to the point now where I have got to step aside. I feel I will be absolutely absolved of any kind of blame."

What is it with these guys, convict them in a court of law in spite of multi-billion dollar defense teams and they still didn't do anything wrong - recent examples that come to mind being Ken Dobell, The Laird of CrossHarbour Con(man)rad Black or I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby.

The only thing these guys ever own up to are when they are caught in a sexual indiscretion. I'm thinking it's a macho thing, they don't want to deny that they are "chick magnets" so they put on the upside down smile and "confess" to being "studs!"

Otherwise, it's "I didn't do it, even if you have me on video tape, doing it, I DIDN'T DO IT!"
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