Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Defence demands Premier Gordon Campbell testify in Basi-Virk case

Defence lawyers for three ex-government aides facing corruption charges are demanding BC Premier Gordon Campbell testify about their allegations of political interference in the disclosure of evidence by the provincial government.

The defence also alleged in court that a secret Crown witness is a "former federal Liberal insider" who provided "very, very, very serious" allegations against two other Crown witnesses. {Snip} ....


Thanks, Bill. It's beginning to sound like the OK Corrall down in Supreme Courtroom 65, with the Opposition Justice Critic in there demanding disclosure too. Doggone right, it's "very, very, very serious" stuff. Is there more to come, about today's short, sharp hearing???

Sorry about the big orange byline. Computer decided to do that -- how, I don't know. I couldn't make it do that if I tried.

- BC Mary.


Thanks for the big orange banner advertising Mary!! No problem with that from my end. Regard - Bill Tieleman
Dear Mary:

My God, this gets more and more troubling as it goes day by day.

Why, in Heavens name should Bubbles Campbell be given questions prior to his appearance. That is the most ludicrous thing to come out of this corrupt Government yet.

Dam why do I stay in this crime haven? And, if you wish, you can post this. - Jo5ey

When I arrived I thought maybe Bill Tieleman was becoming a media conglomerate and was starting by absorbing your blog. I don't know how you did it either, though I know how to do it, but not how you did it.

I'm glad to see Bill likes it!

I like Bubbles for the Soup Nazi, pretty desperate sounding bunch to this observer..........
And this magical, missing 857 documents......are these all new or are some of them hidden under the solicitor/client privilege cone of silence?

Apparently the Cluff man will be talkin' Ken Dobell on CBC AQM 690 right after the 6:30 am news....

How do they schedule the things - they also read, on air, a long and very angry letter from Gordon Wilson just before the news.. it was good.

You should see if you can get a copy for the blog Mary, y'think?
G, I got so snarled up with computer problems, I never got around to looking for the Gordon Wilson letter at CBC. Will try tomorrow.

Meantime, I was just over at Bill T.'s web-site and there are some very interesting comments added to this column of his. Ten (10), to be exact.

Very interesting indeed.

As for RossK, he's got a dyno-mite posting up right now at http://pacificgazette.blogspot.com/

He does a number on this lovely new Canadian legal concept of writing an essay and "all is forgiven" ...

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