Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Premier Campbell is wanted to testify in Basi Virk Case

Defence lawyers in legislature raid case want B.C. premier to testify in court

By Camille Bains
THE CANADIAN PRESS - March 11, 2008

VANCOUVER - Defence lawyers representing two former B.C. government aides want Premier Gordon Campbell to testify about his alleged political interference in a high-profile corruption case.

Kevin McCullough, who represents Bobby Virk, told B.C. Supreme Court on Tuesday that Campbell abruptly changed the protocol involving internal government documents and he wants to know why.

Last May, Campbell appointed deputy attorney general Allan Seckel to handle documents related to the $1-billion privatization sale of B.C. Rail and decide whether they should be released or kept secret.

The documents defence lawyers have been doggedly seeking from the government in a drawn-out legal battle had been previously handled by a cabinet secretary.

McCullough called Campbell's involvement in changing the protocol "very, very troubling" and said the premier had not even consulted the government's own lawyer when he decided to put Seckel in charge of the job.

"He abruptly and without notice changed the protocol that had been in place for 3 1/2 years," McCullough told the court. "The question is why was that done?"

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Express Collision Shop Said,


I have a few questions for Mr. Campbell, give me a few days and I will draw up a long list.

Sean Holeman is currently waiting for a response from the Law Society of BC regarding Mr. Dobell's problems. It seems Mr. Dobell is a Lay Bencher with the society and is a member of the Discipline Committee and the Complainants Review Committee. Under the Law Society's Legal Profession Act PUBLIC INTEREST is paramount. I can hardly wait for the societys response.

Read the Sun's latest online article today(in Wednesdays Sun) on Dobell. It says it all. Mr. Dobell still has not learned his lesson. Maybe tomorrow he will start his lesson learning. Public interest be damned!
"there is no political interference"
"We will not comment on matters before the courts"
"We will not sell BC Rail"
There are conspiracy theorists out there.

Yeah, right.
lots more to today's court appearance Mary - saunter over to Chez Bill for a look.
Thanks, G.

Gotta admire Bill T., he's really scorching the Internet with some solid reporting on Basi-Virk / BC Rail these days.

And now solid reporting on BC Ferries.

Some of the comments left on his web-site are well worth a visit, too.

Woo Hoo, Bill Tieleman!!

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