Sunday, March 16, 2008


"Tell us the truth ..."

Have you seen a comment like this (bolded, in colour, below) before? It is copied here, as a sign that the public is becoming decidedly restless: - BC Mary.


Letter To the Editor
The Province: Sunday, March 16, 2008

Following the release of the Transportation Safety Board report on the sinking of the Queen of the North, B.C. Transport Minister Kevin Falcon called upon the ship's bridge officers, Karl Lilgert and Karen Bricker, to come clean and tell the public what happened in those 14 minutes when the ship went off course.

I would extend the same challenge to Falcon's government to come clean with the public on the sale of B.C. Rail and the raid on the legislature.

But, of course, he would say the matter is before the courts and therefore the government can't comment.

Meanwhile, we should thank the TSB for its findings and recommendations. This report may be a springboard to real improvements in maritime safety. {Snip} ...

I look forward to additional facts from the further investigations and trials. Perhaps the government will open a judicial inquiry, but I doubt it.

Peter Lahay


Well done, Mr. Lahay.

BC Liberal "Newspeak":

B.C. ..... Before the Courts
There was sink from day one with this. It could be that the BC government owes another body of authority a pay back. With the work of building more ships? From outside sources?
Cripes, Anonymous 10:30, that makes sense, what you say.
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