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"There's something big in this Railgate thing," says author of ASPER NATION

He told us (see comments) where to find the information connecting pollster Angus Reid to CanWest: on page 11 of his previous book, Pacific Press: The Unauthorized Story of Vancouver's Newspaper Monopoly. BC Mary said thanks ... thanks for this info., thanks for his newest book ASPER NATION. And then a second comment came in ...

Marc Edge has left a new comment ...

I'm happy to help. And keep up the good work! My nose for news tells me there's something big in this Railgate thing.

Posted by Marc Edge to The Legislature Raids at March 23, 2008

I wanted to share that significant validation of our efforts to find the answers to what happened to BCRail and why CanWest doesn't seem willing to tell us. Another big thank-you to Marc Edge. - BC Mary.


Perhaps Marc Edge should start attending Basi Virk court sessions so he can employ his journalistic skills to covering the case.
This week,Mar. 25 I think, on Voice of BC, Vaughn Palmer will interview Keith Baldry and I believe Neal Hall. It will be interesting to see what they have to say.
Many thanks, 10:35.

According to Shaw TV's web-site, the "Voice of BC" with Vaughn Palmer airs on Thursday nights, which would be March 27. I couldn't confirm the Thursday evening time-slots, though. Can you?

The web-site says Voice of BC is re-broadcast on:

Saturdays at 10:00 AM, and on
Sundays at 2:00 and 8:00 PM.

Their toll-free number is 1-888-891-9097 if you want to ask a question (I guess this refers only to the Thursday showing, the others are re-broadcasts, correct?).

Topic this week: BC Rail trial.

Guests: Neal Hall, Keith Baldrey.

I hope somebody asks Neal Hall if he'd like to see TV cameras in the courtroom so that ALL British Columbians can follow the BC Rail proceedings.

Should be very interesting!

Re: Mr. Edge's 'nose for news'.....

Haven't we been told, repeatedly, that there is no there....errrrr....odour....there?

I'm Anon10:35 from Pr.George and these are local times, they may be different at other parts of the province. I'm sorry I can't be more precise with the time of the show. Last week it was on Thursday at 8 PM. I usually tape it on Sat. at 8 PM as it usually is not broadcast on Thurs. Last Sat they had a hockey game on and for the Sunday repeat, they had a week old show with Tom Christansen rather than the most with Bob Plecas (sp) and Paul Ramsay. They were a little rougher on the Campbell gov't and Christansen than Palmer. Anyway I hope to see it and see if they are a bit harder on the Campbell gov't than Palmer and Baldrey usually are.
Hellooo, Prince George! Gosh it's good to be talking to somebody from up there. I mean, now that I know where you are.

I'd really like to ask you how northerners feel about the idea of having TV cameras in the courtroom so that everybody in B.C. can follow the BCRail proceedings.

It's not as if BC Rail had no importance to the middle and northern parts of the province. Not as if every citizen didn't own a piece of that railway. Not as if everybody can spend their day in court even if they live in Vancouver.

What's your opinion?

Thanks again for the tip about "Voice of BC".

We're lucky to have these connections. I feel very strongly that broadcasting the BCRail trial over the government channel would bring us all into the picture better. I think it would be a good thing for the province, instead of us feeling left out in the cold, as if our opinions don't matter. You?

Tuesday.....11am.....Has Mr. Mathews picked-up the 'package' yet?

(we're all waiting for his report on the contents)

This is Anon. from Pr. George. I would like to see the trial on TV. We get very little news here like everyone else in the province. Many thanks to you and a few others (Bill T., Robin M., etc.) for your reports
Anon 4:25,

Your kind words are encouraging, and are much appreciated.

It's good to know that you'd like to see TV coverage of the BC Rail trial on the government channel.

Surely someone with this kind of knowledge will pick up the request.

It would have a very wholesome effect on the whole province, in my view, if we could quietly listen to what is said about BCRail under oath.

I sent my request more than a month ago. Maybe I'll post it here next week so others can take up the appeal.

There are BC Supreme Courtrooms already set up, I believe; so how hard would it be??

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